Husbando is a Spoiled Brat!

I know, usually that’s my job, being spoiled and all but husbando can be so very distinguished and full of attitude and knowing exactly what he wants n shit, even more so than me. So, yes, Antergos KDE – the bestest available KDE in existence as of right now – failed his critical test. Didn’t even take much longer than a handful minutes and he knew it was shit! Of course he tried to make it betterer, fiddled around in the system settings for half the night … only to tell me I could do what I want with the computer again.


What now? If you’ve read some of my Linuxy writeups lately, you know I’m pretty satisfied with where I am on my Linux journey, found my home and my emergency home, as well as a good nifty system I can wholeheartedly recommend to people new on Linux. What more could I ask for?

I’m honestly too long in the game now to jump on every new distro that pops up somewhere. Can’t catch ’em all anyway, as that would be like a game of whack-a-mole, Plus since I’m on the bestest distro known to mankind (at least for me) why should I feel compelled to install and try out lesser shit anyway?

MX-17’s live environment waiting to get installed on MiniMe’s charming oldtimey 4×3 screen.

Well, there is this unwanted distro, Antergos KDE, on MiniMe, waiting deperately for bing replaced by something more lovely and agreeable. So the onus is on me to find something nifty now. And lately I hear many great things about MX-17. It’s, as I wrote already just a …

run-of-the-mill Debian distros, and as such not on my favourite desktop.

But maybe there is something about it, some hidden charme I’ve not yet discovered. Something must have made MX-17 such a favourite. Not in beginners circles, mind you, but with old salts and experts, grown up Linux users, far ahead of me. So how come they all love it so much?

Without further much ado I just re-installed MX-17 on MiniMe again and will test it. And I’ll try to be fair and give it a fighting chance.

Installation done. All I did was shifting the vertical panel from the side to the horizontal top in order to better meet my personal workflow. I’d prefered it on the low side of the screen but it’s serviceable like this. The rest will come later.

So far so good. Well, for a Debian system MX-17 installed without much bitchyness, which lifts it, like, 110% above all the other Debians. A good start. It also feels kinda spunky and fast, which is more or less a given in the Debian world and always a welcome character trait on MiniMe, which slowly gets a tad ooooold.

Have to do some RL stuffz now but will do some serious testing later when I’m back home. Ugh, I can tell you already that the most crucial test, SL playability will work. Just so and in a very fugly fashion. But that’s due to the onboard Intel HD Graphics and not Linux or MX-17s fault. Apart from that I can tell you now already that everything internetty will work. Flawlessly and recommendable, of course. Let me quickly check the browser … aha, Firefox 57.0.2. It’s not the latest and freshest, but the good stable and reliable and responsible solution. Your parents will be so proud of you for using it. 🙂

I betcha the rest of the preinstalled softwares will be of similar no-risk-no-fun mentality. Maybe that’s why MX-17 is such a champion among professionals and semi-wannabe- professionals. It’s in best Debian tradition RockSolidStable! Anyhoo, we will find out more about MX-17’s secret sauce once I’ve returned from RL business.

Oh, what I already don’t like, like, don’t like at all, is the use of the Xfce desktop environment. The customizing options are too restricted here. Well, I could live with it … just barely but it’s possible. And I guess that sums it up already before I start my in-depth test regime: MX-17 seems like a servicable distro. Nothing exciting but it works. That’s all I’ve gotta say right now.

Laterz model students. 😉


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