North Revisited

With some tamtam the honoured Kate Bergdorf re-opened her North sim just past Friday, March 16th. Far as I understood it underwent a seasonal change from winter to spring.

Uh, yes …

For us RL northern Europeans SPRING means the same as for you northerly Americans: The snow is gone …
.. and was replaced by grim, icey cold rain. :/

PS: Sims like this remind me of how lucky and privileged I am to be living in Africa now.

And just more comfortless misery.
And dismal darkness.
And looming depresssion. 😦
Not to forget the dangerous wildlife up here at the polar circle. Particularly the infamous snow crocodiles!!!
If I’m not totally mistaken, the windlight looks even more gloomy than during North’s winter setup. 😮

Well, you might not particularly like it. Me neither. There’s no shame in admitting we prefer to be frolicking in our bikinis on SL’s sundrenched beaches. But Kate Bergdorf really managed to create a special desolate atmosphere in this sim. Should I ever think about suiciding this avie, I’d probably do it here. 🙂


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