A Picture

… of my husbando’s socks:


I’ve just learned that’s how you youngsters use your computing devices nowadays. At least when you believe Bryan Lunduke’s latest YT video. 🙂

Okeeee. If that’s what you like to do. :/

I just hope you’re not too disappointed with me when I leave my cellphone at home when I go out for shopping now. Because I just found out that I’m mostly actually behaving like it is indeed 1989. I only compute from my workstation in my study at my home, I’m not using any social media, I’m not connected 24/7 … you could say I’m a digital hermit. And I gotta say it feels … no, not liberating or any of the attributes Bryan found for this state of being. For me it is just normal.

So, now I gotta take a shower and then jump into the van and go on a wild shopping spree. Which means naturally I’m not online, not connected, not gonna check my mail, neither my non-existent facebook status. And, no, I won’t need a GPS system or Google maps to find the way to the stores. Never did. Consider me gone, incommunicado. Not available. Not until a bit later this afternoon. A normal day for me. Terrible anti-social behaviour in your eyes?

Laterz lovers. xoxoxo


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