The Lindens Want Your Business!

And mine too, obviously. Having received not one but two emails by LL in just a couple days, I’m feeling very important now. I wonder why, and what might have happened at The Lab. Is it maybe that Sansar doesn’t receive much love and interest by SL’s population? Maybe they remember their core business and try to press as much money out of it as possible? To put it in more stupid adventures in AR land? Or have they given up and are trying to salvage what’s left of SL?

Who knows? Who’s interested in LL’s motivations? They are mostly a bunch of millenials, so nobody won’t even be able to decipher the way their brains work. It’s not interesting at all. Anyway, where was I? Ugh, yeah, the second mail …

It linked to this site:

Old news. And I seem to recall there were indeed better times for Premium members. Remember grandfathered parcels anyone? That was a reason to be Premium!

Yes, I betcha you missed us. Gee, I wonder how come that we all stayed away for that long. May it be that it didn’t have anything to do with a lack of silly LL-made games? Can it be that it’s the neglectful way in which LL manages their continents, how they don’t relate cheaper server hosting prices to their customers, how they are giving esteemded Premium members only 512 m² of land and a meagre 117 prims and 300 Woolong stipend? In these times that ain’t enough of convincing people to even switch on the computer and log into their badly mismanaged world anymore.

So, yes, LL you did well. Kinda sorta. As one Thar She Blows! reader just commented it might be too little too late. 1024 m² and double primage is a measure that was due some years ago. At least once you noticed that there was a fukn exodus happening on the continents … and the islands as well.

SL is a ghost town now. And it’s not the residents to blame.



  1. well im truly glad this happened; we left our homestead for god a few weeks ago and we are finding mainland much more funny to be, lots of new neighbors around at our main home in vimba (brandi for example) and i have a few m2 to buy now:)

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