I’m a Fukn Kawai Waifu!

I am. Sō desu ne! So fukn nice. I know myself that it’s 2018, ffs. :/ And now shut up!

Ohayo! I just sacrificed my good little MiniMe Lenovo for hubby and installed Antergos KDE on it, so he has something to play and amuse himself with while he’s here in my study and I’m purring snoring happily on the futon couch behind him.

Screenshot from 2018-03-17 09-24-55
During the installation of Antergos KDE.
Oh, really?


Why KDE? Coz that’s his fave desktop environment.

“Man gets friendzoned by his own waifu.” 😮

WaifuGreatWhy Antergos? Coz that’s a nifty Arch Linux distro and, according to the experts, gives the bestest unadultered KDE experience. Many said Manjaro would be the best base system for it but then the real professionals chimed in and convinced everybody that Manjaro always gives problems in the long run (which is congruent with my own experience) and in so far Antergos would be the even better choice. Look’n’feel-wise both distros should be the same as they give you the pure KDE as it comes directly from the KDE developers.

The freshly installed KDE desktop. I haven’t touched anything, didn’t even do the initial update yet, but leave it to hubby to fuk with it.


And as Hubby dislikes KDE in it’s newest development stages, Plasma 5xx, he now has a real chance to get used to it on a machine that’s not his daily rider. Cool. How very cool for him. 😉

Says who?

See what a fukn kawai waifu I am?

Hai! Sō desu ne.


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