3 Out Of 4

That should be enough.

Are you not entertained?

Three out of the latest four movies that became available from the bestest pirate collective on the dark side of the net, we got them and I even wrote reviews for my O@tM column. Need more? Want more? That superhero bullshit maybe?

Bitch pleez! šŸ˜® As if Marvel (MCU) doesn’t deliver enough bullshit as is, now they want us to care about Marvel’s low quality little sister moneygrab, DC (DCEU) as well? After that super boring BvS disaster and the explosion in the stupid factory Suicide Squad and the highly overratedĀ  Wonder Woman? You guys crazy or wut?

What I find so particularly fascinating: The two movies on the smallest budgets and with the least broohaha and scandals and controversy around them were actually the better movies. Justice League, as said is already a stillborn child – according to the critics -, and The Last Jedi … well, you know. šŸ˜¦ All that while Jumanji and Paddington didn’t even try to reinvent the wheel or hit you over the head with some superlatives but just delivered solid cinematic entertainment. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

And it’s a clear message to me as well: Orca’s too old now to still watch Marvel and DC movies and expects to get anything out of them. And you guys are too cool to expect to read the not-so-fresh reviews of bad Marvel and DC movies in Orca’s bloggy! I hope stupid me has learned her lesson.

CYA for the next O@tM when I review the SuperDuperGenderbender vs Gutter Rat cinematic Ć¼bermovie spectacle extravaganza! =^.^=


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