Linden Realms. Really?

I know I wasn’t very enthused about that silly game when LL introduced it the first time. The whole concept appeared too taylor made for n00bs – the very few that survived the registration process and welcome island or training parcour or whatever it’s called nowadays. And then directly showing them a SL world that doesn’t exist that way and is at all about fun n games n stuff. It’s a bit like a lie, a swindle. “Here! Come here and have prefab adventures and games. You don’t need to think for yourself, you don’t need any creativity, any ideas. Just be an instant hero! And earn some woolongs while you’re at it.”

They’re doing it again. :/

Too bad. I thought I had made a post about Realms when it graced the grid for the first time around. Obviously not. Couldn’t find it. All I found was that Glytches sillyness :/ Anyway, just so you know, I don’t like that shit!

And now they are doing it again! For what purpose remains unclear. LL won’t catch any new members with such sillyness, as they have to survive a lot of shit first, before they are even able to join that game. And I guess for us oldbies there is nothing worthwile in the Realms game.

Anyway, if you’re into entertainment made by the Lab, here’s what the allknowing Inara wrote about the first round of Linden Realms, back in November 2011.

Picture stolen from Inara’s post


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