As Jo Yardley, Inara Pey and Daniel Voyager have already reported, LL has reduced mainland tier costs by 10%. That’s great ain’t it? Yes, yes, obviously the Lindens have finally registered that their mainland occupancy is going down, and every landowner with a little bit of self-asteem has moved their sim(s) into the void. Hm, yes, I dunno if reducing the tier by a mere 10% would be quite enough to revive the mainland, but it’s a start.


And then I thought a bit further, into what this means for Lucy, Sammie and me and dunno who else is still involved in the Autonomous Sailing Collective’s land on Little East River on Sansara continent: Seeing that we all just put our free allotment into it how can we get it any cheaper?


Oh yes, LL did something very nice too: Our free 512 m² was doubled to 1024 m²! Tee hee, now that makes sense for once. And that’s how LL can fill up their empty continents with twice the occupancy.


Need to contact Lucy and Sammie and confer over what we’re gonna do with all that free land now! Doubling the Collective’s land would be so cool.


At least I guess there is no need anymore for Lucy to sell off half the parcel now.

Hmmm … time to get informed properly … before making any hasty decisions. That would be the adult thing to do. But I never was a particularly good adult. Don’t you think adults are boring and have boring lifes?

Mhm, so do I! So let’s not do the adult thing.



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