Just Checked My Account …

… and LL didn’t lie:


They fukn dubbeled my land! For free! \o/ Awesome! \o/ It’s like for the first time ever I feel almost compelled to say “Thank you, Lindens.”

But only almost. We know why they did it and we also know they wouldn’t give land away if they didn’t feel the economical need to do so. And anyway, as long as they don’t restore my access to the forum I’ll continue to hold a grudge against them. Oh, and of course the weekly stipend has to be brought up to 500 woolong again. To lower it to a mere 300 was a dick move in the first place, it’s time to correct that mistake. In fact I think they should up the stipend now to 512 woolongs. Just to stay in the binary theme we computer lovers are so used to.

Trap, Lucy, Sammie, check your accounts and then let’s talk about the Collective’s parcel. Each of us should be able to throw in an additional 512m² now. Or get rid of the parcel and let’s go solo again. I could do something with 1024m² and the many prims we get now. Or let’s get something biggerer. Anyhoo, we need to make a plan, now that we all have so much tier for free!

The Autonomous Collective’s parcel on Sansara … divided?

EDIT: I just put my additional tier into the group. Waiting for the rest of the girls to do the right thing too. =^.^=



  1. Too little too late! LL should have done something similar in 2007. I finally got disgusted enough with LL’s way of ignoring their primary source of income while promoting that train wreck Sansar to effectively leave SL after almost thirteen years. I say effectively while I still have my account I don’t use it except once a month to see if its still active. Its hard to completely pull the plug after so long. But when the account comes up for renewal in late summer I will probably not renew unless LL almost does a 180 degree change. I still keep up with SL through thing like your blogs and that mysteriously accurate one

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    • Uh, Willow honey. you know there is no need to “renew” your account. SL Willow will never die, or only if and when LL are pulling the plug. Which they won’t do, not as long as SL is the fattest – and sole – milk cow in the barn. Scaling down from premium to free acc is possible since a couple years. And as long as you have no land holdings in SL and no need for the stipend, there’s no need to keep the premium acc. No fear, Willow won’t be deleted by The Lab. You’ve gotta actively do it yourself!

      “I still keep up with SL through thing like your blogs”
      Merci beaucoup. :o:o:o But there are much better blogs if you wanna be informed about what’s going on with SL … on Lab insider level ..

      “and that mysteriously accurate one”
      … yes, for example that one. 😉 LOL

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      • Yes, downgrading to free is an option. Thanks I hadn’t thought of that. Although in the mood I’m in now about LL I just may say f it and cancel. As they say “Don’t do something when you’re pissed!”

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        • “As they say “Don’t do something when you’re pissed!””
          It’s not only “they” who say it, Willow, it’s me too. And so does everyone with a little bit of logical brain left. A free account “doesn’t eat no bread” as they say, so it won’t hurt to keep free Willow around. The Lab won’t care and you can ignore her existence or use her whenever you please.
          My old partner Ophelia once deleted her acc … but came back with a new acc. And when she started to get industrious on that account as well, she wanted all the clothes she’d created back and had to reactivate her Ophelia acc. Cost her like 10, not L but US$. 😮
          So, by all means keep your fukn Willow avie alive!!!

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