Enough Now!

This is The Linux Foundation’s YouTube channel:

Not a fun place. 😦

I subscribed to it a couple years ago but only found a very small handful of worthwile videos there. Remember the badly misconstrued cartoon videos? Or the slightly more interesting videos about core code monkey’s workspaces?

Interesting. But that was, like, 2 years ago.

Apart from that it’s just boring shit. Lenghty keynotes of some Linux conferences, old guys talking about shit nobody understands, some kissing up to Microsoft … the usal shit one expects from a lobbyist trade organisation.

Who cares what Zemlin, the traitor, has to say about anything?

Well, I like Linux I really do. And contary to all those clever people I use it. Daily. Exclusively. So I’ve decided with a not too heavy heart to unsubscribe from that shitty channel. Bye bye Linux Foundation.


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