Why ? why NOW?… (warning this post has a lot of links , and is MY personal OPINION!)

For a change a non-sexy, but remarkably grown-up blogpost by titty wonder Rose. Well worth a read:

Drifting along, contemplating the world at large, I  came to  think about   why  and  why now?…   Russian spies, British diplomatic posturing, lieslies and more lies, grumpy baby pointing fingers, chuckling, straightening his toupee. cabinet meetings in rushed hushed circles, that terrorist mayhem smiling as if she is the cheshire cat, amber rudd looking like she`s been beaten up, Boris and his half baked smile that vanishes when he thinks no ones looking, Putin holding his head above all this floating Bullshit.

I see a war coming, a war that is created, a WAR, that will end the freedoms we have, and you want to know what is the worst thing?… This war is created conceived, laboratory tested. and planned. Consider if you will the following: ~

Russia is suddenly “the worlds enemy,”

The cold war is…

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  1. It is all a ploy to get Edward Snowden, surely people have not forgot already? All this pointing at Russia hacking this, election fraud interference etc…they just want Snowden and using the world as a stage to get co-operation from Russia. If that doesn’t work, apparently the King of the Universe is going to call his new Secretary of Space and send Space Force after them or some shit like that…I dunno, that shit gives me a headache even after being exposed to 2 minutes of that nonsense…lol

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    • And let’s not forget poor Rose is reporting from good ole Engelandia where she gets the muppet version of America’s King of the Universe superpowered version. That Mayhem woman and her blonde lapdog are nothing but sad clowns, full of evil but absolutely powerless. A dangerous combination. 😮


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