The End of Linux?

OMG! 😮

So it begins …

OMfG!!! 😦

Watch the vid!

Whoa! That looks bad. Fukn evil big corporation buying out the rebel alliance in order to dismantle the old republic and torpedo Linux on the desktop. Even with all the “We Love Linux” slogans and the fact that they are the biggest contributor to the code, the fact remains that MS eyes the little hippie OS GNU/Linux as a competitor and wants full control over it. In part they already have it. RedHat, the commercial Linux distro makes billions in profit each year plus gets sponsored by Microsoft. And we see the result of that unholy pairing already in the unspeakably baaaaad Gnome desktop environment that is almost 100% developed by Red Hat developers.

So you see, yes, our beloved Linux is in immediate danger, in grave danger. And we can’t do anything to save it. I mean who are we? Buncha silly housewifeys and SL toons is what we are. No chance of defending our Linux against the big bad Microsoft wolf. 😦

Linux is as good as dead.

Or is it?

🙂 No fear, my fraggles!

Microsoft needs Linux! It becomes clear in Lunduke’s video. Also they know exactly that they have lost probably every single Linux user on the planet … for good. None of us will ever return. That would be as if Lance Armstrong would go back to riding bikes with training wheels. I personally would rather switch to the hateful Apple before I’d ever by any MS software product again.

As we all know Linux is free and open source. Which means not even Linus Torvalds has more rights to it than you or me. Neither have Red Hat or their moneybag Microsoft. So I say let MS grab control over the Linux Foundation (a trade organisation by all means and purposes), let them fuk around with their own desktop and wield power over Linux in the American professional market.



We won’t be touched by these developments, we won’t even notice anything in our daily computing lifes. Nothing’s gonna change. For example let’s have a look at the #1 Linux distro, Mint. They have even split from Ubuntu looong ago, and never had anything to do with Microsoft. They are developing and maintaining therin distro more or less as a hobby project. Same goes for Manjaro, for Namib, for Linux Lite, for MX18, for Solus, Antergos, Elementary and countless other distros. They will go on like they always did.

And so will you, and so will I.


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