NOT an O@tM: Star Wars VIII – The Last Jedi


I’m sure you have quite enough now of the whole Star Wars debacle and media frenzy and reviews and accusations and analytics and explainifications about what and why it went so wrong the way it did. Well, if you’d ever watched YouTube in the last couple months you surely have noticed that it was dominated by SW … and not in a favourable way. And, oh believe me, Kennedy and Johnson and Abrams, beneath all their removed from reality Hollywood hubris and unrealistic expectations and misunderstanding of the audiences, particularly the SW fandom, and basic cinema wisdom, they could kick themselves in the asses. Repeatedly. All day long. And all night too.

They also might have forgotten that their core audience, the true hardcore fans, the experts in all things Star Wars are now aged between 50 and 80; not little kids but grown up mature people who deserve to be treated with a modicum of respect! We were the first audiences who’ve watched all SW films in the theatre, on VHS tapes, laserdiscs, DVDs and now Blu-Rays, we’ve bought the novels, we swallowed it all, from the first to the last “product” Lucasfilm and now Disney let us buy. Without our support from day one onwards the whole thing would’ve never become a franchise. At least not such a huge, successful one.


Well, you know your trusty old TSB! editrix, the silly stuntgirl Orca, is on a mission to risk her sanity in completely, always new and unnecessary ways. So of course, as was not to be expected any other way, she and hubby watched SW8 again. Yes, for a fukn third time! 😮

jedi generations

Well, this time at least it was free. You know, three month after the premiere, Disney’s Lucasfilm finally released SW8 on Blu-Ray … and of course the always so eager rebel forces dumped it, via TPB, into the Public Domain. And from there Orca and hubby acquired a copy and … yes, we watched it again. 😮

And, no, it didn’t get any better. Quite the contrary, without the added magic of the big theatre screen and 3D bullshit, SW8 showed what a poor flick it really is. Because now we finally could concentrate on the bullshit dialogue and the nonsense plot. And nonsense it was. From the first to the last minute. 😦


And, worst of all, it was a fukn boring film! As if convoluted, meandering, weird storytelling wasn’t enough, they had to make it such a borer!


It really is like many YouTubers say, SW8 spells the end for Star Wars! And other than some origin stories like the lightly flawed but overall enjoyable Rogue One and the already miserable – yet unwatched – Solo, there is nothing worth of looking at. In fact was the animated Star Wars Rebels a super nice series, with cool characters and a quirky team and speedy storytelling. It’s also more canon than SW7 and SW8 are. And … it’s really good entertainment! The real Star Wars could and should use Rebels as a guide and an example on how to make cool SW movies.

starpokemonAnyhoo, we’re disappointed. Badly disappointed. I guess most of you are too, no? What I’m interested in now is to find out how does everyone react to the SW8 catastrophe. Are you one of those people for whom SW is dead, never gonna spend a single cent on that doomed franchise again? Or are you more like the stupidly hopeful Orca, pilgering to the movie theatre as soon as Solo and SW IX are coming out? Or did you find a third way, still “enjoying” Star Wars but not paying for the questionable entertainmen? Let me know in the comments.


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