As It So Happens

… even battle hardened co-bloggers, content creators and contributors, with extended editing rights on this blog, are not feeling too posh or superior to subscribe to Thar She Blows!

Look here for example:


Our very own SL Sailing resort leader, LucyInTheSky Afarensis will be bombarded with automatic emails from now on. Every time Orca or Lucy herself let one slip she’ll receive a lovingly applied reminder there might be brand new bullshit waiting for her kind consumption over at the homely Orcablog. It’s so fuzzy and warm and full with love and sexyness, I might feel a bit tempted to even subscribe myself.  =^.^=

Congratz Lucy, and welcome to the blog. 😉


PS: Hey, you know Lucy has a weekly column in which she publishes not just the results lists of her TrYC sail races but also photos, and now even videos, from the events. Every fukn week! Like clockwork. Theoretically y’all are to be treated to even more material by other contributors …


There is for example cruising and flying legend and mischief maker Kitten, whom I expected some LCC cruise reports from. Or at least the announcement of cruises and some charts here and there. But nothing. The LCC is obviously spoiled by success and doesn’t need propaganda. :/ She’s not even reading Thar She Blows! 😮

Or take Trappy, she’s posting alright … but much too sporadically and rarely. And we all had put so much hope in her technical and Linuxy expertise only to see her fade and wither away after such a strong beginning. :/ And don’t even try to tell me she might have RL job stress or something. She’s Norwegian ffs! How much stress can you have, buried under meters of snow and ice?

Let’s NOT talk about Maiti. Not even Analyse and me know anything specific about her.

And the ladies I talk to and try to hire for a specific desk in the generous blog headquarter’s editing offices, well, not much enthusiasm there neither. For example computer freak Jacqueline with her extended hardware expertise and her exciting journey into GNU/Linux. It would be such a treat to read a first-hand report about how she did and where she had problems and yadda yadda yadda … But no, nothing coming back from her neither. Another wasted chance. 😦

Needless to say the invitation to become a co-blogger on Thar She Blows! is permanently open, you can join the lazy team anytime. And become an internationally recognized super star! 🙂


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