Moved in Fully

Hey peepels!

I know it’s a bit early, but I’m positively happy to report I’ve fully moved into Namib GNU/Linux now and intend to stay in here. \o/ FUK YEAH! \o/

How come, how do I know?

Because as it so happened one of today’s (or yesterday’s at the time of me writing this) system updates failed and ended with an error code. 😦

“Whoa, shit!” I thought, and felt like I was back on Manjaro, which was always super great until it failed to update and wasn’t anymore. So I just left the system un-updated and didn’t even report the error in forum or contact Frederic directly about it. You know, I get error messages in my native German language and wouldn’t have a clue how to translate that geeky shit into English. It sounded like total gibberish even in my mother tongue.

Anyway, a couple minutes ago, fairly frustrated and without much enthusiasm, I started the update again and … VOILA! 2 or 3 minutes later: Your System is Up-to-Date! That’s cool, isn’t it? Namib, which is basically a one-man operation I assume, or the Arch upstream team fixed the error in record time. So, eventho this is a dwarf-system compared to scene greats like Manjaro, I feel in good hands here. In very good hands.

And that’s why …


… my main computer, my production system, looks like this now. As long as I’m not sure about keeping an OS I just use the onboard wallpapers that come with the respective distro. Only once I’m 100% sure to keep it installed I switch to other backgrounds. Like this anime or game cutie elf fae warrior for example. Those ears. ^.^

Well, “I can do that too” thought little Orca and …


… another elfish warrior princess was born. =^.^= Kinda cute, no?



    • Mhm, me likey too. It’s not Cinnamon tho but its older blueprint. Mate is a fork/successor of Gnome2 and more oldfashioned than the much more modernerer Cin. But in my experience it’s a bit faster and – at least in Mint – more stable. Aaand its a good bit more customizable than Cinnabon. At least I can reduce the panel and icon size, which I love. Always trying to keep all that shit as small as possible. Apart from that Cin and Mate are optical twins. 🙂

      Most of all I love the option to pull program icons into the panel from where I start all my most used applications. That way I can forgo any planks or how these Mac-ish things are called. This works in Mate and Cin and even Xfce alike.

      My hubby loves KDE, which is the pinnacle of customization. You can change anything! And make it look like Cinnamon or Mate or any other DE. But I don’t need all that. Am happy with what I can do in Mate. Luckily the good frederic2ec made Mate the default desktop for his Namib distro. Oh, friendly fates. 🙂


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