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Due to inspiration by Inara Pey’s intrepid travels and my appetite for all things Japanese, today I sent out my star reporter Orcsibaby to a very Japanese looking setup, namely Kamigami.


After some bitching about why I didn’t send her to an onsen and why she had to wear clothes, she seemd to kinda enjoy this particular assignment. After all she’s as Japanophile as the next avie. 😉


And in the beginning she really seemed to have lots of fun, exploring the streets of Kamigami. In typical Asian manner, and supported by a lifely soundtrack of Asian streetlife, Kamigami appeared intriguing to her.

Very descriptive street signs

But then it slowly dawned on her that most of the buildings in Kamigami were just fillers, empty, unlivable meshes you can’t even enter. It as all just a theatrical backdrop, as often used at sim borders to give the impression the scene pans out much more.

Many of her critics are saying places like this are where Orca belongs

Only here, in Kamigami, the hollow buildings were part of the inner sim. And since Kamigami is part of the Pandora Resort I found it a bit strange because they’ve cheated themselves out of possible rental income by shopowners or residential renters.


In fact there were only a handful buildings one can enter at all, most not very renter friendly. So little Orca started to recognize the recurring facades and signs and posters and textures, and she got bored.


Some very quirky buildings, like this Magick Shoppe, were not quite enough to stop her disappointment with this sim. If there was at least an interesting actual shop in this building, one could think the rest is just there for atmospheric reasons to help with the shop’s appeal. But no, there was nothing to buy in the whole sim. 😦


Photo of this street looks quite appealing, no? But it’s just a facade. :/ Remember Kowloon, the infamous walled city in Hong Kong?

Ya, this one. Granted it’s Chinese, not Japanese and in SL a much older build than Kamigami, and mostly made from oldschool prims. But still it’s astonishing how much usable space the builders managed to put into the one sim of Kowloon. Stores and residential rentals which make for a real shopping and exploring experience. The first time I went there I got lost! Really. Noob me didn’t know we had a worldmap in SL and I lost my way in some backyard 3rd storey shopping mall. Couldn’t find the way back to the central road and almost panicked. 🙂 This could never happen in Kamigami.


Yes yes, Kamigami looks indeed very nice and fancy. Time didn’t stand still in SL, as we all know. But the responsible builder(s) could have gotten so much more out of this sim. Wasn’t there this 50s or 60s style Japanese fishing village on half a sim once? I know I used it sometimes as photo backdrop until the owner gave up on it. That setup was really nifty. Anyone remembers the name? Kenjin somethingsomething or so? Please help me out here. Anyway, it was nicer and more interesting than Kamigami. You could snoop around there for hours, while Kamigami already bored me after not even 15 minutes.


But back to Kamigami. Yes, it looks nice enough but not so special I’d make a blogstory about it … ooops. 😮


Still it makes a nice backdrop for your fashion or lifestyle blog.


Tokyo Grill! Grilled sushi? My mouth waters. 😉


One doesn’t necessarily expect a scene like this in an urban setting.


In the center of Kamigami we find a nice little, meticulously maintained urban park.


And here it was where I found the library. Not particulary Japanese but mildly interesting.


The NOT Walking Dead. Many SL residents have dark minds. Very! Very! Dark! Minds!


Oy! Careful! Watch ouuuuuuuuu…ch!!! :/ That happens when you’re daydreaming, stupid girl. 😮

Orca’s verdict: Contrary to Inara I wasn’t particularly convinced by Kamagami. It’s just for looks and offers little to no activities. And even in the looks department it rather disappoints. Will keep the LM nevertheless for when I need dirty, decayed urban backgrounds.


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