And Yet Another Mini-PC

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It slowly gets boring, those always same looking and underpowered micro mini boxes, doesn’t it? Nooo! This one is kinda special. Not very special, just a tiny bit better than most competitors in its class. It’s the MINIX NEO N42C-4:

Get this tiny little wonder from Amazon

This thing will cost you about 300 of your hardly earned Woolongs, which isn’t the cheapest way to obtain new hardware but otoh is a very nice and capable 4-core machine that bears no risk of being cheated by some shady eBay or Craigslist or Gumtree hardware peddler.

… or from Gearbest if you’re dwelling in America.

As always please bear in mind that the advertised goodness of this machine will be even better when you gotta use it for what it’s really intended for: Install Linux on it and be happy ever after!

What’s not to like about the wee Minix?

Eventhough little Minix comes with Win10 Pro … we really really don’t want that, do we. Only just in case you’re one of those people, yes, it is there. There for you to make you suffer unimaginable hellfire pains. <– Just a fair word of warning. =^.^=

Here’s what Lon Sykes found out about the tiny Minix:

As usual I haven’t either seen it in the flesh, nor tested it personally. I trust in Lon’s judgement. Still, if I had to purchase a new tiny computer and no 2nd had stores or Craigslist seller and stuff around my home, I’d buy that thing without thinking twice. It’s fairly risk-free.

Would I purchase the Minix if I were me? Naaaw. Sorry, I’m settled in my ways, know where to get nice trustworthy 2nd hand Lenovo machines for kinda cheap and don’t have to hassle with any mail-order shit.

OOOOOOH SHIIIIIT!!!  Commando back! Forget everything I just posted. :/ The Minix has obviously a very crappy BIOS that won’t allow for 3rd party OS installation. 😮 Fukn Windows minions … 😦 Not that stuff like this isn’t redeemable but for a n00b Linuxer it’s probably too hard to achieve. So don’t buy this shit!



    • Depends Jackie, it all depends. Those AMD APU processors are really quite good, and for a short stint into SL, just deleting IMs and chatting a bit one doesn’t need graphics power anyway. I can do that with all Intel graphics.

      Secondly, those mini and micro PCs are not made for gaming or any graphics intense tasks. They are office warriors where size and weight is the most important. They are often integrated in industrial machines n stuff.

      Thinking back I spent my first year in SL on a duo core 1st generation and Intel onboard graphics. Oh my, LL wasn’t happy with me but I went dancing in full clubs and even sailing with that rig. It was shit. Sailing with 64 meters draw distance leaves you kinda blind. But it worked … somehow. 😉


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