Happy Women’s Day?

Berry jumps on each and every hype train

I only learned about the legendary Women’s Day when I linked to the video about sailing women of the Volvo Ocean Race. While that video was decently made I don’t give a fuk about any messages coming with it … or Berry’s post or any other media outlet graciously letting us know about the fact that some guys gave us our own day. Even internationally! So when you happen to cross a border into another country … it’s still YOUR FUKN DAY!!! (except when you cross a dateline). I mean, how great is that???

Bullshit! Let me tell you it’s all bullshit. I won’t let anyone tell me that today is my day, dictate it on me. What do they want, what do they expect? Shall I make the best of these 24 hours? Fuk no. I’m gonna waste them away, uselessly poking around on my computers, sleep a while, neglecting household chores and getting the van back from the garage (hope hope hope). Because this day will be like any other day, a Orca day.

And the best advice I can and will give you girls, is to make each and every day a Me-Day! Respectively a You-Day. If you’re a girl, make it a women’s day. Do womany things, whatever that is. Don’t wait for any official permission to have a special day. Every day is special. You happen to be female? Cool. That can happen. Even to the best of us. 🙂 What it’s gotta do with anything is a riddle for me.

If you want something you gotta work/fight for it, earn it. Pry it from the dead cold hands of the assumed patriarchy if need be. Don’t wait until they give you anything. Particularly if it’s just a symbolic day.

Oh, a special day? Just for me and my bishies? FUK OFF!


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