Total Namib Overkill! Like Totally!

Not just in the blog but on my desk as well …


Here we are again, all my four computing machines set up and ready to go on Namib GNU/Linux. And not only that, all four are running with more spunk – and faster – than on any other Linux! Even the slowpoke netbook is quite zippy. Never had him purring along so happily. Fortunately Namib comes with exactly 4 different wallpapers, so I can show it to you in all its variety.

Pheew, fortunately hubby is such a Kubuntu fanatic and his laptop won’t even accept any non-*buntu installations, we have no need to find another Namib wallpaper for his machine.



  1. I don’t think I am logged in the right account, but you know who I I just wanted to share..I am finally on Linux Mint, full time..when I need to use photoshop I run Windows as a guest off the metal via VM…don’t ask how I managed to pull that off….but I did, its virtualized sorta kinda but not really…its on an actual hardrive…both Mint and Windblows, I just use VM to launch windows when I need to do some Adobe shit inside Linux rather than restart and boot back in or run a half ass virtualized copy of it 🙂

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  2. Oh, you are on the right account. If you are in fact Jacqueline Waters-Manesis that is.

    And congratz for running the Minty goodness. Happy with it? And where is your writeup and your screenshots? My readers are waiting with baited breath. Everybody wants you to share your experience so maybe some more curious minds will join us pretty soon on the Linuxy side. You know when I write about how easypeasy everything Linux is, nobody believes me and everybody will think I’m just making propaganda. You, otoh, have far more credibility than me. If you’re not awesome enough to come up with your own story, we can maybe arrange for an interview. That sound good?

    Are you by any chance using Wine to run PS natively on Linux? Wine, as an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”, installs Windows programs indeed on the metal afaik. I have no clue about these things since I’ve never used Wine or VM. I install everything on the metal or not at all. And when I need a graphics software I use the mighty GIMP.


    • “its on an actual hardrive…both Mint and Windblows, I just use VM to launch windows”

      Huh? Either or, hun. either or. You can have both systems installed on your PC, and dual boot … or you can VM a system. Far as I know it won’t work both ways.


      • “or run a half ass virtualized copy of it 🙂”

        EXACTLY! I guess everything you do in VM will never be the real thing but always be half-assed. Sorry, I’m not playkiddie enough to deal with that stuff.
        And here, exactly here, come dirt cheap used second hand computers into play. I really prefer the small purchase of 50 – 120 woolongs for a real machine over some days filled with nightmares and angry rants and my hubby not loving me anymore.

        For me it’s always On The Metal! Never in the virtual. Or partition my hard drive and have 2 OSes share the same space? Yikes! 😮 That’s all too WUÄÄÄÄRGS! 😦 for me.


        • No No my dear Linuxy sista. First I installed WIndows, Then I installed Mint as a Dual boot . Then I created a VMDK file, then I launched VM and instead of creating a virtual disk with folders, I pointed to my ACTUAL Windows install that I can dual boot into…OR, instead of that launch the thing in VM!!! All my programs and files and everything else I have had on my windows, even my desktop wallpaper is right there and it is running off the metal….I just taught the Orca something linuxy?????? No it isnt a virtual install, it is the windows I installed on my SSD before I ever installed Mint running INSIDE Mint! 🙂

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          • That’s … that’s like …what can I say? That’s …

            1. very much over my stupid head
            2. sounds complicated
            3. redundant? VMing a system that is already installed?
            4. either the most amazingly clever … or mostest stupidest thing I’ve heard in quite a while
            5. in any way it is AWESOME! It’s exactly what makes Linux such a favourite among the fabulously geeky crowd … of which I’m not a part of. I was just looking for an easy, politically correct OS that won’t force me to care about antivirus software and firewalls and EULAs, and manufacturers spying on me and telling me what I can and can’t do with my computer.


            • Ok, now that I am logged into the right account. Here is the reason I did it. I need Adobe products for my job, hardware virtualization just isn’t that great on a virtual machine. Also guest additions can only do so much as far as file sharing, copying, pasting, etc. Also, I have alot of Adobe products, tons of plug ins etc on my Windows partition. By going this route I can launch my actual OLD as fuck Windows usiging virtual box inside of my Monty goodness and have access to my entire Windows install, all my preferences, all my programs and my hardware all works with pass through as if I am natively just booted into my windows partition, basically it opens a door to my Windows I already have installed on my SSD…why would I want to create a virtual copy that has none of my crap? This way no matter if I am booted into windows or linux I have access to ALL of my files and programs (I did the same thing in reverse on Windows so I can launch my hardware installed copy of Mint! 🙂 This is like having a dual boot system, which it is, that I can actually boot into BOTH at the same time from either OS. What’s not to love about that? It solved all the reasons why I couldnt switch to Linux full time, now if my boss wants to screenshare using skypes sharing, I just launch windblows in my Minty Linux Distro. I need to edit a photoshop file? I just launch windows in 2 seconds flat without needing to reboot or run a half ass virtualized version of Windows that doesnt have any of my tools, preferences, programs etc (not to mention the weird stting of tiny amounts of RAM and crap like that you are normally limited to with virtualization). I am running the full blown hardware installed version of either/or or both Operating Systems on the fly! 🙂

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              • “This is like having a dual boot system, which it is, that I can actually boot into BOTH at the same time from either OS. What’s not to love about that? It solved all the reasons why I couldnt switch to Linux full time”

                \o/ YAY! Genius. YAY! \o/

                Now I’m asking you and myself and the whole world: Did you come up with that cunning method all by your lonesome or read about it in some wiki? It seems so original and useful and I’m really wondering why I’ve never heard of it. Otoh I’m not interested in running 2 OSes on 1 machine so I’m mostly ignoring all news about VM and dual booting.


  3. side note: I dont run anti virus bullshit on my copy of Windows. I believe those ARE the virus! A safe cracker doesn’t try to crack the door that is wide open, they walk right by it…by not running anti virus, I am basically invisible to viruses designed to break the anti virus crap if that makes sense? I dunno, havent used that bullshit in YEARS …never had a virus since I stopped using anti virus…go figa!

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    • Yeah, me, I did the same. Was never one to just open all emails. Mostly delete them while they are still on the servers of my email provider. And I almost never just follow links I get from ppl I don’t know. That way I never had a virus or any other malware on my Win PCs neither. But still always had an anti-virus running.

      Not anymore, no I don’t! 🙂


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