Can’t Game on Linux! :(

Or can you? Here, let Windows man Linus Sebastian (on his sideshow channel Techquickie) tell you how you can very well game on Linux.

Yes yes, I know as good as anybody, eventhough I’m not a gamer, the choice of playable titles ain’t that great in Linux. Not even with compatible layer programs like Wine or Lord Gaben’s rich grab-bag, Valve. Buuuuuut … let’s not forget there are more games available for Linux than all games in the big 3 consoles! And that’s a helluva lot, ain’t it?

And also take into consideration exclusive Linux games, like the always so fancy Super Tux Kart, and Super Tux, pure Linux games, and shameless ripoffs of Super Mario and Super Mario Kart. They werk so good, even Orca  has tried it already.

Screenshot at 2016-03-02 10:17:12
Orca’s track day at the kart races!


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