Namib Failed Me. :(


Look at this shit!

What a fukn disaster!

Look at it!

2 of my 3 desktop PCs are having issues. They won’t get their asses up. :/ Fortunately my good machine is doing great, so Orca can look with an arrogant sneer on my lesser systems. Don’t ask me what happened, I can’t tell you. All I know is that I installed Mint on MiniMe for doing some stuff … and today the machine refuses to let me install Namib GNU/Linux again. And little Gaga refused to do the update and is since then in total autism mode.

Okay, sometimes (but really only sometimes) I can almost (but really only almost) understand PC users that don’t wanna switch to Linux. 😦 OTOH it’s gotta be said that not every Linux is as bitchy as the ArchLinux derivative Namib GNU/Linux. I can guarantee you that if you install Linux Mint you will enjoy a happy and stable and secure system Windows can only dream about such stability.

So I guess it’s time to remind my nagging friend Sammie again of the fact that you can’t take stuntwoman Orca as an example for how Linux would work for you on your computer. I live life in the fast lane and I love taking risks. Because I am actually a very cool avie and know how to help myself and get my system(s) back up and running inside of 10 minutes. And I won’t even lose much data as I keep it all on external hard drives and USB sticks. So I can even look totally relaxed at 2/3 of my fleet going down in flames. I know I’ll fix them up again in a couple minutes.



  1. Sorry, I was sleeeping for a couple hours. I sometimes do that at night. Just answered your mails …
    BTW, Gaga, repaired itself, so it’s only MiniMe and OrcNet who are on strike. And I really had my hopes up for OrcNet since you Namib Linux was the only OS that booted up and worked quite spunky and fast. I wanna have it back!!!!
    BTW, I didn’t change anything on that netbook, all was fine a day before … and yesterday it just didn’t boot up anymore. 😦


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