I give up! Yes, indeed, I’m too stupid to install this supposedly beginner friendly Linux distro, Sabayon, on my hardware. See, I didn’t even try to be any clever and tricky, choose the standard ISO and wanted to install it on one of my Lenovos. So no virtual machine or any other meddling. Everything as easy as possible. And after yesterday’s fiasco I didn’t get any further today. Since hours I’m trying to prepare the hard drive for installation but the installer stops at a certain point and refuses to move forward. Not even a tiny little bit …



I’ve looked at this desktop for hours … and now I’m giving up. 😦

Will surely find some other distro that is worthy of having a look at …



  1. It is these types of things that cause people to use microsuck, it takes 15 minutes to install (on an SSD), works every time…all that dicking around is a bunch of headache for an operating system. Linux is great and it sucks too.. LOL

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    • But when it’s great it is super great. And no typing in of hardly decipherable serial numbers adn no hourlong waiting and shit. The quickest Linux install I ever did took a whopping two and a half minutes, from beginning to end. And Sabayon is supposed to work. It works. I’ve seen distro reviewers running Sabayon, even on Virtual Machines …


      • hour long wait for what? I can format and install windows 10 in about 20 minutes, you just need an SSD, on spinning rust I imagine it could take awhile.

        ED: Orca’s OCD forced her to correctify a slight spelling mistake that was making her itch. 😮

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        • If I remember correctly, and my remembrance is rather spotty, an installation of Win7 (the last Win I’ve used) took me well over an hour. From slow DVD onto an even slowerer 5400 rpm spinner it takes a while to shovel all that data from one point to another. Dunno what MS is doing in all that time. Probably their servers are much too slow (probably Win powered), considering there’s no useful software coming with Windows it’s faaar too long anyway.


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