An Onsen That Ain’t Really an Onsen. :o

And there I was, after quite some time looking for new Onsens again. You know in the breakneck speed in which SL is changing, having visited all onsens on the grid doesn’t necessarily mean that would be all onsens, period. Stuff comes, stuff goes, life goes on and even the oldest and most traditional and time-honoured builds will be deleted and replaced. In so far I was hopeful I might find a new Onsen that was built after I concluded my round of onsens some time ago.

And yes …

The Cho no Chashitsu Onsen & Garden Annex – open to the public, made a good first impression on me. In software I hate walled gardens 😉 but in gardens it’s quite okay since it can make a place feel warmer, more secure and cozy.
But then the first disappointment already in the little teahouse: No matter on which sit targets I clickered, I was always ending up on the same cushion. :/ And tea? Nope, no tea. 😦
But wait, it got worserer: I know terraforming on mainland is quite restricted, and I’m by no means a good teraformer but such bad n00b mistakes are unforgivable. Particularly when you open your onsen and garden to the public trees should be planted firmly in the ground, dontcha think?
Was the builder/owner blind or sumfink? What goes for trees goes goes the same for bamboo. It’s almost an insult to visitors to greet them with a land description like this: Japanese garden and onsen (public bath). Relax amidst the butterflies, sakura and bamboo. Cleanse your mind, body and spirit.
And then the onsen part of the setup: Cleanse your body? This is it! Yes, you can lie by some fish tank and dip your hand in the water. Whoopdidoo! 😦 How good that I kept my clothes on before TPing to the supposed bath house. 😉
This boring sit position was actually the best part of Cho no Chashitsu. Here I could sit and “relax amidst the butterflies, sakura and bamboo” and reflect on life. Ya, well, I could have if I wasn’t so pissed off about my experience.

CONCLUSION: If you care to remember I didn’t really give many of the onsens a positive rating, found some to be very lackluster, poorly equipped and/or built without any imagination. But Cho no Chashitsu was the absolute negative point until now. It’s almost fraud how they called their garden setup an onsen. If at least the garden was more decent, but no, it was a complete and utter disaster. Looks nice from a bird’s view but don’t look too close.


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