The New Mousy: A Cautionary Tale.

Hey guys, just a little update on my new wireless mouse I showed you earlier:

When the, probably very old, AAA batteries ran out of power I was like Hehe, no prob, and put in rechargeable ones I just got a new charging station for. And … nothing happened. 😮 Nothing. Not a fucking thing. :/ I remembered it was the same with my headlamps, which also refused to give me any light when I put in rechargeable batteries. Shit. Fuk! 😦

Then I went crazy and tested all my batteries, only to find out they were all perfectly charged and fully functional. Only then it dawned on me there might be something more sinister going on here. Can it be mice and lamps just don’t work on rechargeable AAA batteries but need the power of real ones?

Bought a bunch, put them in and … VOILA!



Mousing and lighting like a champ! But should I be happy about that? About having to spend lotsa monies for throwaway batteries? I think not. :/ So, people, a word of caution if I may: Take care, when buying little electrical doodads and gimmicky gimmicks, to get toys who which use normal AA batteries. They have much less problems with accepting rechargeable ones.

Apart from that my Canyon mouse is doing a decently good job. It mouses. And I can adjust the resolution, a trick my much more expensive Logitech Performance MX can’t do.



  1. Aside from input lag, one more reason I don’t use wireless devices…when I did, my shit would always die when I needed it the most and I didn’t have batteries laying around for it. I prefer a chord, call me old school…I like a direct connection that works the same all the time not degraded performance as power levels lower as the batteries die.

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    • Fortunately I’m not a gamer + I’v always have enough charged batteries handy. So in case of the mouse losing power I’m back in action after a couple sconds.


    • I’m a little bit disappointed in Logitech now. My 602 died on me, leaving me with only the old Performance MX. And in that thing the famous dark field sensor doesn’t work no more. And that sensor was exactly what made the MX so great. Mousing on any surface, including glass!
      So I guess two new mousies are on the shopping list when we’re back in Germany this year. Cool beans, now have a brick and mortar store in Hamburg so no fiddling with mail n shit anymore.


      • I love the G502, highly recommend it, never used a more accurate mouse and never one that felt so good in my hand. It is so adjustable with different weights you can place how you like in the base. Not all logitech is created equal, they have like any other brand entry level garbage to high end greatness, I think the g502 is something in the middle.


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