Linux Bullshit

… and Bullshit Linux! Hey guys, lemme show you one of the more nonsensical Linux distros avalable right now:


mangaka2Animesoft’s Mangaka is at least made in Japan afaik, so it can’t be all bad, can it? I mean those Japanese guys know a thing or two about manga and anime. But what do they know about GNU/Linux?

Not much it turns out and in so far is Mangaka nothing but a rethemed Ubuntu 16.04. Whoa! They used a nearly two years old LTR for their new and fresh distro? And *buntu based? Guys, can you be even lamer in your already lame attempt to make a distro for Kotakus worldwide?


Giving us a bunch of anime wallpapers, obviously collected from 4chan’s impressive collection and an alternative system font … well, it’s just not enough. Every idiot can customize their own distro to look like Mangaka inside of 5 minutes. 😮 But why?

Made in Austria (NOT even Australia)? This is bullshit!

On the other hand, and I have to agree with Bryan Lunduke here, isn’t it amazing what ppl can do and are actually doing with their Linux ISOs? Imagine it would all be closed source, heavily watched over and regulated by hysterical license agreements, like in Windows and MacOS. Would we ever have the opportunity to laugh off laughable Linux distros like Mangaka … or Hannah Montana Linux (which was, like, totally really really pink!)? No, eh? And that, boiz n gurlz, that is what makes Linux so amazing. That people don’t only use ist liberal politics to create great distros like Namib GNU/Linux or Ubuntu or Mint or Manjaro or Red Hat or or or … but that they can even start nonsense projects like, for example, Mangaka. It’s all good. =^.^=

Screenshot from 2015-07-01 23:15:08

There’s really no need for this, still our good old friend from Engeland, Quidsup, even made a video about Mangaka. Don’t ask me why, but here goes:

Most important info to gather from this vid: Quidsup seems to have a gf!!! 😮 Bitch pleez, what kind of geek has a real gf, ffs? We’re not talking about an (acceptable) waifu here but a real meat gf, made from DNA. 😮 What a shocker. She must be a fat uggo, don’t you suppose?


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