FAIL! :..(

Pffrz. Orca. Wannabe Linux expert. Who am I kidding?

It was such an easy plan, I had the blogstory as good as already published … well, at least in my head it was all over and done with. Didn’t know what my resumé was going to be, positive or negative, but the rest was all planned out.

And then Linux happened to collide with my stupid noggin …

Screeenshot of Orca’s PC with the all new and vastly improved Sabayon Linux, awaiting me … to fail. 😦

Sabayon is one of the older, well-established Linux distros. Although one with a rather small fanbase, which is largely due to its very very geeky Gentoo base. Well, Sabayon’s devs made it easy(er) to install and operate for stupid housewifes. Turning that freakshow into a usable little system. So they claim.

Sabayon is a beginner-friendly Gentoo-based open-source Linux distribution.” LMAO. 😦

One of the many prejudices about geeks is true: They are mostly kinda underdeveloped in the empathic parts of the brain and unable to see problems from a non-scientific, human perspective. Another prejudice turned also out to be very true: Orca’s stupid af. 😦


In all fairness it needs to be said that the makers of Sabayon indeed made it as easy as possible. A graphical installer, different desktops to chose from (one of them being my favourite, Mate), and I’ve seen at least one YT distro reviewer having no problems installing this system on his hardware.

Anyway, I already failed preparation of MiniMe’s hard drive for the installation. Trying to be a good girl I didn’t install right away but deleted and reformated the platter as usual, as it always works with all the other distros. For Sabayon it was obviously not good enough. :/

Now it would be very easy to just forget this incident. There are still 3 gazillion more GNU/Linuxes available, right? So who the fuk needs stupid Sabayon? Wouldn’t even appear as stupid in my own bloggy, because you’d never know about my failure.

BUUUUUT, that’s not me. I forget about it for now. But I’ll be back. Tomorrow I’ll tackle Sabayon again and I will install it! Oh yes, I will install it! This wasn’t the last you’ve seen of Orca, stupid Linux shit!

Sabayon on #48 spot on DistroWatch. Not a top hit but also not too bad.


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