Writers of SL …

Orca’s staring at an empty page …

… or just writers … of any kind. Writers of fiction, non-fiction, text based games, political pamphlets, philosophical tractates, you name it …

What’s the worst thing happening to you?

Yes. Distractions. 😦 And it’s worse when it’s your own typing tool that distracts you from writing, that keeps you on your toes with countless formatting and layout extra doodats n stuff and shit. Real writers don’t need that, don’t even want that! I even know many writers who are doing their first drafts pen on paper! Pen. on. Paper. Let me repeat that … very slowly … and very prononciated … for more impact: PEN! ON! PAPER!

Please, guys, it’s the year a.d. 2018, we’re not contemporaries of poor ole Shakespear! Use your computers to write, ffs! Or computer-esque typing tools.

Like the Freetype:


This is basically a mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX switches!), so wonderful writing ergonomy is a given. And itsy bitsy little e-ink screen so its batteries will last for friggin’ ever. And its minute processor is powered by Linux … what else, really. Sounds good, right?

In short it’s a very dedicated one-trick pony. It does one – and only one – thing, and it does it very well.

You use the Freewrite to produce lead deserts, huge amounts of texts with no photos or other illustrations. These are for optional drafts later down the line. This is the extent of the Freewrite’s formatting and edit options, this is all it can do … and it is enough. For all plain text workers this is perfect.

And, very important: The Freewrite won’t store your files somewhere on the cloud but locally. Directly on your device, where you want and need your texts to be.

Well, the Freewrite cost you the not-small amount of 500 $$$, so it’s not really a bargain. But then on the other hand it features a mechanical keyboard, is small and sturdy and you can take this device on the road for weeks without thinking about charging. So it’s the concept and the usefulness of the Freewrite, rather than its hardware, you’re paying for.

Watchy Bryan Lunduke’s review of the Freewrite:

Is this for me, can I recommend it?

Well, yes … but then NO! Really not. Firstly I’m an economical girl, I can think of far more usefull shit to sink 500 Dollars in. Secondly I’m not a writer anymore. Well, I produce texts, for example this here, but blogging is very different from writing The Novel Of The 21st Century. I illustrate and edit my blogposts on the go, all at once. Most of my stuff is centered on images in the first place. And thirdly it’s a fukn blog ffs! This thing lives online and I’ll be damned if I go hiding in my ivory tower and write my blogposts pen on paper, then transfer them onto my computer, then collect photos, and only then go online and publish it all. No blogger does that! And if I really need a distractionless writing tool, well, I’m a blessed user of Linux and can find a handful of such software tools in my repository.

When otoh you’re a real writer, working on the literal Novel Of The 21st Century, then, yes, you should indeed be thinking about utilizing the Freewrite for your work. I know I’d do it in a heartbeat.

But the machine had a subtler effect on his work. One of Nietzsche’s friends, a composer, noticed a change in the style of his writing. His already terse prose had become even tighter, more telegraphic. “Perhaps you will through this instrument even take to a new idiom,” the friend wrote in a letter, noting that, in his own work, his “‘thoughts’ in music and language often depend on the quality of pen and paper.”

“You are right,” Nietzsche replied, “our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts.” Under the sway of the machine, writes the German media scholar Friedrich A. Kittler , Nietzsche’s prose ‘changed from arguments to aphorisms, from thoughts to puns, from rhetoric to telegram style.’

NOT Johnny Depp but Friedrich Nietzsche

And I just noted, while I was searching for this quote, the Freewrite ain’t entirely new or revolutionary. It was known as the Hemingwrite already a couple years back. 😮

You know every couple years some smalltime startup hardware producer is coming up with similar devices, pure distractionless writing tools, which are made for nothing else but writing. Of all those so far the Freewrite seems to be the most convincing.

Hey Luna, would the Freewrite be something for you? I know Nietzsche would use it in a heartbeat. But what did he know about shit?


That’s another way to see it. 😉



    • Well … I see a very small niche for products like pure word processors. Let’s not forget simple-minded one-track machines like i.e. the Freewrite will probably bootup in a heartbeat, are rugged and need no maintenance at all. Just switch it on and start typing out your fresh ideas … whereever you are. Hmm, maybe not while going down the interstate at 3000 mph but in pretty much every other situation. In so far I see the Freewrite et al. as modern analogies to the paper notebooks of old.

      And those two ladies in the Mashable article made on huge error of thought. You can’t use a fun iPad for this very specific task. iPad has NO keyboard! Yes, I know you can add one, but that’s not mechanical and too much effort and complications. And you can’t just stuff an iPad in your cargo pants pocket or throw it in your backpack when the metro arrives and you have like 20 secs to get on board. The Freewrite is a very specific tool for a very specific task. And it’s not the Freewrite’s fault if it attracts the one or other hipster.

      No, I wouldn’t buy it neither. But then I’m mostly driving myself and for the two annual occasions when I’m using public transport I can live without my writing tool. I found my perfect travel companion in my little netbook (oh, and in my hubby anyway), since it gives me all the amenities of a modern computer and is so much more than just a fukn typewriter. Maybe you’ve noticed that a little short overseas trip to exotic Deutschland didn’t stop me from blogging. I even blogged from Amsterdam airport, so that thing is small, handy and quick enough for even such pressing tasks when time is on a premium. And I could also have written a chapter for The Novel of the 21st century! if I was so inclined.

      So before I spend 500 bucks on a stupid Freewrite, I rather get another dirtcheap netbook! But not an Acer, OMG! Please noooooo… 😮


      • WEll the freewrite isn’t even editable. You have to delete everything you typed and start again if you make a typo. There is a reason why much more functional word processors became obsolete in the 80’s, this isn’t suddenly making them relevant. Like you said you can get a cheap laptop that does so much more, maybe without cherry MX switches, but so few laptops have decent keyboards (one of the reasons I won’t own one).

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        • The other day I’ve seen a YT vid about a laptop with mechanical switches. Forgot now what brand that was, and probably prohibitively expensive too. But it’s all possible. 😉


    • Same here, Luna. Although when I don’t blog for a day or two I become antsy. And I guess once I started a new novel project and the work is flowing, the need to write arises too. I’m just so fukn lazyyyyyyy…


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