\o/ Gaga’s Back! \o/

Finally made the long trek to that computer store and collected my poor old Gaga …


… and immediately set her up with my lovely new Namib GNU/Linux OS. This makes now all four of my machines powered by Namib Linux. Hubby was like “Don’t you think that’s excessively boring and one-way biased?

And I was like “STFO Darling! I know what I’m doing.”

Of course it’s not gonna stay like this forever. As soon as new Linuxes arrive on the scene that I find worthwile having a look at, I’ll use my two Lenovos for distro testing again. Until then I’m a super happy desert bunny on Namib. Will keep it on MiniMax as my main system anyway, and on OrcNet since it’s super fast and nice even on that underpowered netbook. Namib’s generally faster than my formerly so beloved Manjaro. Not only in boot up but also in operation it leaves Manjaro behind in the dust.

It’s a keeper!

F.l.t.r.: OhOrca Oh, Orca Flotta, Phree Radikal. On the netbook below: Mowry Rubble.

For this shot I didn’t set us up for a group photo but sent all avatars out to different locations on Sansara and everybody got their individual windlight. Oh is at the Sailing Collective’s land, Orca’s sniffing around in Bay City. Phree is somewhere in the Central Rivers region and Mowry is on Bohol in Sea of Fables.

All together a pretty useless setup, but fun. πŸ˜‰

We abandoned our brother Neotel. Not gonna purchase a fifth computer only for logging that guy bunny in. πŸ˜‰

Last time we made a group shot, Neo let one slip. You have any idea how bad bunny farts stink? Really really bad, I can tell you.


    • Hun, I’ve stopped distro hopping loooong ago. I have had my personal best system for a couple years and only recently found one I like even better. Just hoping this one won’t break so often. The occasional distro review I don’t do for me but for my readers and, admittedly, for my blogging needs. :/


    • The last photo with all 5 of us/me, I logged them all in on 2 PCs I guess. Three of my 4 PCs don’t even have graphic cards and don’t fulfill SLs minimum requirements. πŸ˜‰ But I guess my main problem is the rusty copper ADSL connection. But this will change soon, I hope. I see the fiber montage ppl busy everywhere in the complex. Should go fast now …


        • [URL=http://www.speedtest.net/result/7098743703][IMG]http://www.speedtest.net/result/7098743703.png[/IMG][/URL]

          Sad isn’t it? But even when we get fiber we won’t take a very fast, expensive contract but maybe 20MB down, which would be twice as fast as our recent 10MB.


    • Yes, I know. Usually I’m only working on my main machine, and maybe another, but when I do silly stuff like today and utilize all 4 machines the desk don’t look so good anymore. =^.^=

      How much does such a synergy thingy cost?


  1. Orca, that speed is very similar to my own and there are no other options in my locality. Travel South to the not so vast metropolis of Santa Fe and you have many choices of service providers but here where I live, Windsteam enjoys their monopoly and charges us dear for it. But, I’m sure it still beats satellite internet.

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    • Lez, everything, including tribal drums, homing pigeons and my auntie’s crocheting, beats the satellite!

      But the lack of choice really bugs me. It’s the fugly side of capitalism I guess, America’s monopolization of basic services. Once the fiber guys have finished their work in our suburb, and particularly our complex, we’ll have the choice of 20 – 30 ISP’s. This won’t change anything technically, but will just give us the choice between lots of confusing speed, capping and payment schemes. I guess we’re sticking with Afrihost, they have mostly been good to us in the past 10 years or so. Will try to get at least a free modem/router out of them. =^.^=


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