DDoS Attacks on LL. :o

Guys, you know I’m clueless in most computerish things, that’s why I use Linux. And I’m not inworld very often anymore, that’s why I was ignorant of the mass logouts and the DDoS attack on LL’s servers. Having had enough personal problems as it was, trying to transfer my whole machine park over to the new Namib GNU/Linux OS.

Has no idea what she’s doing: Orca Flotta

But I feel it’s kinda my duty as an SL bloggerista, to inform you that those attacks indeed did happen. Why SL, the cuddly little virtual puppet house playground? Why can’t they attack White House, GOP, CIA or NSA servers? It would be a public service, better for the planet, help world peace and really target the bad guys.


Anyway, if you don’t need Orca’s ultraleft, anti-American propaganda but real information, please check out Inara Pey’s (who else?) Modemworld blog and Ayesha’s Ramblings. Or Daniel Wolfsong, who reports from a first hand perspective.


Here’s hoping you, your hairs and your makeup escaped the attacks unharmed. Let us know of your personal horror story … below here in the comment section.

Down there.

See it?



    • OMfG! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      That indeed says it all! That really looks like a well-orchestrated attack on our little online playground. What fukn meaniepoofaces. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      I mean, I can understand if fired LL (ex)employees react a bit disgruntled and are out for revenge. But then, on the other hand, it’s kinda their own fault. Why don’t they have strong unions like every other country? It’s no wonder they get treated like lower lifeforms by their bosses, hired and fired on a whim. :/
      Peopl, get a grip! Grow up, solidarize, organize, resist! Fight for human rights and make your fukn country a democracy again!


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