Hello from the Namib Side! \o/

Yeah, it’s done! All my recently available computers are switched to Namib GNU/Linux now. After the very short trials on MiniMe and OrcNet have swept me off my size 0 feet I finally set up my precious MiniMax on Namib as well.


linux-mate-namibOff course it’s still a little rough looking, am in the middle of the initial update and can’t do much else. But so far I’m as enchanted with the Namib system as I was on my other machines. This ain’t Manjaro with all its amenities and creature comforts, so I’ve gotta install the Nvidia driver, and other softwares I can’t live without, by myself. So the moving in and get homely part will take a bit longer than usual.Β  But fortunately I kinda know what I want and how to do it so a bit later in the afternoon all will be perfect … for me. As I’ve pointed out often enough, Linux is so individual and customizable no two systems will ever look exactly the same. This ain’t stinkin’ Windows or MacOS.

But here I am, movin’ all my data over and already bloggin’. Little bit later will install my Nvidia driver, latest Kernel 4.15.6, VLC, Qbittorrent and whatnots … and, yes, Singu SL viewer. \o/



Now, almost a day later, and after many a problem and finally some much needed help by Namib’s head honcho Frederic himself, who stumbled over my blogstory (another cool thing about Linux is the accesibility of the real important people), it seems I’m finally done.

The standard wallpaper of Namib GNU/Linux 18.02.

Had to install the newest and latest version of Namib, as they’ve brought out the latest ISO after I installed on MiniMe and OrcNet. A couple things had changed … exactly the things I didn’t expect to change, but needed. So I was flabbergasted and shellshocked for a while. But now look at this …

Orca in her top secret test laboratory in the sky above Triumphal. Of course she’s on Namib Linux!

So, with some delay, mainly caused by my own lazyness and ignorance, all my 3 recently available computers are set up on Namib GNU/Linux. I hope to finally get Oubaas back tomorrow so I can drive to the Lenovo store and grab my repaired Gaga. She’ll be set up on Namib as well. At least until I wanna test some other new Linux distro.

Oh, and another thing: Namib isn’t made in NZ but in Canada. Frederic said it was some mistake that someone on Distrowatch announced it as NZ made. Shit, now I forgot to ask him about his connection to the Namib desert. :/



  1. The connection with the Namib desert is pretty simple. I made a group called “Meerkat Software” I choose Meerkat because is one of my favorite animal and I choose Namib because it’s one of the place where Meerkat live. Wikipedia help me with that.

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    • Simple story. Mercy for that.

      And yes, meerkats are indeed so nifty, they make you wanna die. πŸ˜‰

      But now it’s 6:40 a.m. and time for me to find my bed after this exciting Linuxy night.


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