The World Sailing Show – March 2018

Published on Feb 26, 2018

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00:49 The new look Sail Arabia The Tour

07:51 Mini Transat – Life aboard a small boat on a big ocean

12:07 What’s in a Volvo 65’s sail wardrobe

19:33 The inflatable wing sail – The future?

18:34 Europe’s hot ships

06:14 World Cup Series Miami

If you thought the Middle East was all sand and skyscrapers, think again. The scenery for the new style 1,000km Sailing Arabia The Tour was spectacular. Also in this month’s show, what life is like aboard a miniature offshore racer – the current Mini Transat champion gives us the tour. And what’s the latest in the Volvo Ocean Race and how do crews change gear aboard a Volvo 65 and select the right sail? Race guru and Mapfre team member Rob Greenhalgh explains in our World Sailing Show exclusive. Plus, how a pumped up idea could be the future for sailing.

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