Still in Love with Namib

… with Namib GNU/Linux. xoxoxo

In fact, and without any further much ado, I installed this lovely little OS on my problem child, the weakish and stupid Acer netbook, going by the name OrcNet in my machine park, just a couple minutes ago.

Slowly getting used to this terrible error message, just ignored it and went on, with this awesome operating system. It’s really no problem; just restart after getting this and end up in your brandspanking new Namib Linux. Everything groovy, baby. 🙂
This is now a completely unfucked with Namib GNU/Linux presents itself immediately after installation. Looks indeed like our good old Win7, right? But make no mistake, this is Linux! And a very very geeky Linux at that! No reason not to have it easy-going on its housewifely users tho. In fact is Namib OS almost a beginners distro. Almost …
Couple minutes later: See what I did there? Yeah, renamed “Rechner” (computer) to this computer’s name “OrcNet”, and changed the name of “Personal File of Orca” to a more geeky but ultimately silly “”. Could’ve called it “No Place Like” or something equally nerdfunny. Also renamed the “Papierkorb” (waste basket) to “Rubbish”. That’s one sorted desktop if I may say so myself. 😉

Whoa! Orca’s on a roll right now. A real ArchLinux distro, not some watered down wannabe Arch like Manjaro, everything fresh, directly from Upstream. A bit more risky but also more save. So far no problem installing additional softwares … particularly my fave SL viewer, Singularity, from the AUR. Manjaro always gave me a hard time with such a simple task.

But first, before doing anything fancy, we’ve gotta werk through the update process. Takes quite long today, since it’s the initial update. From today on this should be a fairly fast and painfree process … when and if done regularly. I recommend doing it daily. Why wait for the official announcement? It’s often done in a matter of seconds.
SUCCESS: Your fukn system is up-to-fukn-date! \o/ HOO! \o/

If Namib OS on OrcNet passes this, the ultimate test, I see no reason why I shouldn’t switch my most important production machine, MiniMax, over to Namib as well. And little Gaga, too, once I have her back.

Ok, let’s see how Singu installs …


… and …

\o/ TA-DAA! \o/

Of course my old co-Gerry, the always über-fancy Porter Tracy was on and up for a rather artsy fartsy chat about the cinema. We’re such hipsters. Anyhoo, loving Namib more and more. Particularly that it’s rather empty I like very much. It’s much nicer installing all the good software that you need, than getting rid of all the fukn bloatware.

And as it so happens I don’t need much additional software on a test PC, so I can enjoy this spartanic system without much of weight to carry around. =^.^=

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