Makeshift Office

So, you always thought a fancy woman like Orca Flotta, the mighty publisher of world famous Thar She Blows! magazine, would reside in a super posh office building, her media empire occupying an entire skyscraper, and bustling with business and sexy secretaries, yes?

Well …


Reality looks a bit a lot different. As long as the humble office building is still a construction site, Orca’s residing in her makeshift redaction office in an old old Volkswagen camper van. So much geniality compressed in one little weak vehicle, it’s hard to believe.


The inner workings of this publishing powerhouse. I don’t even have anyone to do the dishes for me while I’m researching my stories and chat in IM with Kittensusie about Mowry and the LCC and old times and why I’m never awake to participate in cruises anymore. Yes, such is the sad reality of a supposedly hi class glossy mag such as Orcablog. Don’t let anyone fool you, as everything in SL it’s all just smoke and mirrors. 😦

But Orca is kinda sexy, isn’t she?


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