A Blast From the Past

Mowry from a bird’s perspective

Even though I often make use of the intersection of Linden roads in Mowry to rez vehicles for my overland tours of Sansara, I really never check the sim itself. Ever since the Mowry Bay Yacht Club ceased to exist, I kinda lost interest in the sim itself. And also lost contact to the new owner of Mowry, Cate Foulsbane of the MBCC/LCC and ex-Mowrians Elisha Paklena and Indigo Mertel of the East River Community.

mowry station_001
When I walked into Mowry, coming from the Linden Road intersection, first thing I noticed was a nifty little train station, onwed by Eli’s rapidER railway system, which connects Mowry with the sims of Indi’s and Eli’s East River Community.

Well, yesterday I thought why not check out my old stomping ground, my spiritual home, the legend that is Mowry. And it’s really great what Cate did with that place. It’s homely, cozy and whimsical now, without negating its sailorish past.

mowry station_002
The trains come regularly here, so you’ll never have to wait long if you need a ride to the ERC/Helvellyn.
mowry station_003
Staying on the roadside, next thing we see is a stylish Simclair gas station, complete with cars.
mowry station_005
And, maybe a bit overdone, a second train station. The rapidER line terminates here.
There is even a map so you don’t accidently hop on the wrong train. 😉
And of course, as everywhere in worldwide suburbia, Mowry’s got its own park’n’ride parking lot.
mowry station_006
As typical for grrlpowered regions on the old mainland, people are worshippping fairies. Cool. 😉
mowry station_007
Bit further down the cliffs to the harbor we come along some boat sheds. A reminder of Mowry’s proud past as one of the oldest, most traditional SL Sailing locations. Hard to imagine that this sleepy seaside town once was a bustling sailing hub with lots of racing and cruising activities. These days only the LCC might stop by for an aftercruise party.
mowry station_009
Down by the docks the inevitable LCC flag, which is always a sign for cool rez, race and party places. As everywhere else on the grid, so it is in Mowry too. And same as everywhere else, it’s criminally underutilized.
mowry station_010
Whoa! Mowry is truly nostalgic with some of the last items to remind us of the late Francois Jacques’ sailing Centers.
mowry station_011
The Mowry docks are going out up to the northern sim border, so navigating space is at a premium here. Fortunately there is a rez area at the raceline in Hepurn sim which makes most of Mowry Bay’s water surface.
mowry station_013
And this wide open pub building looks kinda very similar to old MBYC clubhouses. Good place to paaaaaarrrrtyyyyyyyyyy!!! \o/
mowry station_014
The cozy village square supposedly is the town’s economical hub.
mowry station_015
Not Strawberry Singh, but strawberry ice cream you can get at Mowry’s own gelateria.
mowry station_016
I love to visit towns built into cliffs. Here for example we have a waterfall and a little stream running through the village.
A romantic lookout to observe Mowry Bay and all the boats coming through here.
A little kitsch must be! Nice gazebo built into the cliffs.
I love the permanent up and down of the coastal terraforming on the old mainland continent of Sansara.

That was a nice experience for me. As a former bigwig with the MBYC, back when Saxxon Domela was still at the helm of the club, I have some soft feelings and heavy nostalgia for the place. It was here in Mowry Bay that I organized my first sail races and became an RD. And I guess for a while at least, MBYC was the sole actively racing yacht club outside of MarkTwain White’s United Sailing Sims (USS). We tried and partly succeeded in  bringing sailing back home. Back to where it all started.

Well, nowadays the USS are connected to the mainland, via the Blake Sea, and Sansara is navigatory dead as can be. 😦 But we had truly great times in Mowry and what is nowadays known as Mare Secundus, and the Three Mile and East River, and the Sea of Fables and all the other sailable Sansara sims.

sansara waters

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