Oubaas: Neverending Story

Slowly Oubaas starts to remind me of Turdy. And not in a good way, neither. :/ When I brought him in to the driveshaft people this morning, I learned the new problem is not related to the earlier repair from like two weeks ago and they quoted me a hefty price for repair. Looks like a special kinda shit as they have to shorten the driveshaft of around 2″ and put in two new seals. Shocker. 😮

Oubaas is hiding somewhere in this picture. 😉

Oh, and when I went to my mechanic this morning as well, it turned out he never touched the radiator. So the scratchy noise I complained about yesterday must have been caused by the electricians who simply forgot mounting the radiator tightly. It’s so good when you work with professionals, you know. 😦


Anyway, this is the result, some chaffed and broken off fan blades. “Doesn’t matter” says the mechanic, “does matter, too!” says me. I’m a fukn uptight Gerwoman, and even if nobody will ever see or notice that the fan is semi-destroyed, I KNOW it is broken. It’s underneath my hood and looks like shit. The very fine Ford Essex 3l V6 engine deserves a perfect fan. So I want it fixed, dammit!

But first, as soon as the new driveshaft problem/leak crisis is over I have an appointment with a steering specialist. I hope he’ll fix the linkage of the whole mechanism so Oubaas can finally drive in a straight line. I’m much too young to die in a dramatic and very brutal car crash caused by my van jumping lanes. 😦 You remember with Turdy I was always complaining about him sailing rather than driving down the road. Oh glory days. Oubaas doesn’t sail, he pogos all over the place! 😮

That’s actually more fun, and a lot less dangerous, than driving Oubaas. 😮

But first, just because we’re all soo fukn nostalgic, let’s have the real Neverending Story:

Terrible music, right? Pretentious, artificial, girlish shite. Just awful. Hard to believe that Oubaas was already a classic car, at least 14 years old, back then. At least! 😮


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