Asrock Deskmini is Really that Great!

You surely remember how I loved this tiny litle thing. Just yesterday one of my favourite YouTube channels, Level1 Techs, published a review video of the same machine and came to the conclusion: “Asrock nailed it!”

Look how and what Wendell did with this machine:

Whoa, guess I need to get me one of those. Powerful enough to play the newest games, and even SL, and do all kinds of tasks, from streaming to video and audio editing. Of course it depends on the stuff you put in. So for my usage case a midlevel assembly would just be perfect!


Oh, I know the question on everyone’s mind right now. And the answer is YES, it will  run Linux! No prob. And why shouldn’t it? It’s a barebone ffs, there is no spyware preinstalled or any software to throw sticks between your legs. Just install your most favourite Linux Mint 18.3 on it and Bob’s your uncle. 😉

Yeah I know, Wendell installed Fedora on that yummy Asrock. But first, he’s American, and secondly, he’s a geek and thirdly, what does he know?



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