11 Liters

That’s the amount of water I just had to fill in Oubaas’ radiator to prevent that old Ford from dehydrating and dying from a heatstroke. 😮 Yikes! Never knew a car could lose that much water … in a single day.


Happened yesterday: I’m driving from the mechanic’s workshop to the food market, getting enough groceries for yet another week without vehicle, since one of the oil leaks is still not fixed but is the responsibility of the driveshaft people anyway. Me, knowing exactly how long it might take to source a new gasket for them mechanix, going into full survival mode again …

Anyway, I notice a strange chrrr chrr sound eminating from under the hood, but not thinking anything bad could’ve happened. But it did! Radidator wasn’t screwed in place tightly, so it came lose and leaned over backwards, where it collided with the radiator fan. 😮 That thing was so nice and bright yellow. And now it’s just scratched all over the place. Oh my.

Doesn’t matter, I planned to bring Oubaas into the driveshaft place this morning anyway. But thought I better kinda screw the radiator back into place and check the coolant, coz it’s the right thing to do, right? And then … had to fill up the radiator with 11 liters of precious water resources. 11 fukn liters!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I never knew there was a volume of 11 liters in that radiator in the first place. That thing must’ve been emptied out! Had I tried to just drive off today I’d probably exploded at the next corner.

Girls n guys, I tell ya restoring an old car is quite the adventure. Particularly if you can’t do anything yourself and have no clue about shit.

GNU/Linux is the shit! Bestest computer operating system in the world n stuff. I can fix that. But old Fords don’t run on Linux. 😦


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