Sorry, Not Interested!

Blockbusters without Orca!

Look at that. The latest 4 blockbuster movies, pirated and freely available on the YTS website. These guys are good, very good. They deliver only very high quality Blu-ray rips in the smallest filesize possible. And they catch a lot of good movies. One can say everything you can download from the Pirate Bay or other aggregator sites earlier than the YTS version ain’t the real thing. Those are then mostly cam versions, filmed off cinema screens in Hong Kong, Russia or China. So shit! I rather wait a couple weeks and enjoy the movie in perfect 1080p quality, ripped off the official Blu-ray!

Anyhoo, a while ago I would’ve jumped immediately at three of the featured flicks. The Marvel stuff, the Churchill biopic and the latest charming Pixar animation. But know what? I just don’t feel it anymore.

I know Gary Oldman is very good as Churchill, the movie itself is apparently pretty boring. I don’t need the umpteenth retelling of WW2 drama. Nobody needs that shit!

And the Marvel shit? Each flick is worse than the one that came out before it, and the number and frequency in which they appear on our screens doesn’t help neither. Sorry, I just can’t bring up the needed excitement anymore. Can’t you tell I’m clearly out of my teens. Deal with the new, the grown up, the mature, the respectable Orca!

And that horror flick? Never heard of it before, it got bad ratings, and I’m not a horror fan anyway. Passsssss…

Pixar? Yes, why not. But after the last Cars shitshow I don’t feel compelled to watch some animated family drama with lame, thinly disguised cultural appropriation and cheap racist jokes. Just because the characters are toons doesn’t make it better. Also did nobody ever notice that basically all Pixar movies are retelling the same old stories over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over …

It’s just no fun anymore to write the mostest negative movie reviews. We’ve earned better, people! Me. You. Your granny. We’re too good for that! Can’t Hollywood produce some decent movies for us, pleez?

Don’t worry, Disney. You’re on my shitlist too. But I’m gonna keep on watching Star Wars movies! No matter how shitty they are, I’ll even watch them in a shitty freezing cold cinema, after having had the worst shitty hamburger ever … and I’ll do that at least twice per movie. First time to get impressed and fall for the shitty dramaturgy, and second time to watch it with a conscious mind and find out what unspeakable shit I see there. 😦


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