Really Really Looking Forward to …

The book Second Life was based on. Now as a high class movie by Steven Spielberg. WCGW, right?

Oh yeah, there’s always the “System Hollywod” to fuk up even the bestest source materials. OTOH there is Steven Spielberg, a man with so much power and independence in Tinseltown, none of those studio execs and suit wearers would even dare to dream about meddling with his stuff.

In so far I’m cautiously optimistic for Ready Player One.

Steven Spielberg! What could go wrong?


  1. uhm …. Orca … Ready Player One is from 2010 😉 The book you refer to is Snow Crash from 1992. Nevertheless I am looking forward to one of my holy trinity of Cyberpunk Novels turned in a movie … and that being the most difficult one of the three. I am really curious. Cannot wait for April.

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    • Oyoyoy, what a holy fukup. 😮 It’s my biblical age showing. 😦 Please accept my honest apologizations. Guess Neuromancer being the third part of your trinity then, right? I’ve never read any of the holy trinity. For this illiterate girl cyberpunk begins with Richard K. Morgan and ends with Orca Flotta.
      I’m most excited about one of my fab scifi bishies, Hannah John-Kamen, is in this too. Not her fault Kiljoys sux sooo fukn bad.


      • Yepp. Even though Neuromancer is a trinity of its own, with it successors Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive.
        Neuromancer is quite psychodelic, while Snow Crash is very accessible (especially for an SL die hard) and Ready Player One reads like a book for teens now and then.
        I just hope the Movie will be up to the task. It is a huge story with loads of details. I hope it has some “The Goonies in Cyberspace gone 80ies” spirit. That would be awesome.
        I do not want to work as a license manager in that project 😉 That must be a nightmare.

        No need to apologize. In fact I have often heard that people regard Ready Player One as the book that inspired SL. But once you start to read Snow Crash you will see where we really come from 😉 Almost all typical SL terms used up to today have been coined there. And the design of the world really sounds like Mainland.

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          • I cannot watch the video from here, but I guess it is guiding in the right direction. But it is not only the easter eggs. The whole big is a huge (and i mean HUGE … HUGER then Trump HUGE … you know ;)) throwback to the 80ies. And that in terms, of music, tv series, movies, games and what not. if one would have to list all the objects needing licensing from reading this book, I wouldn’t be surprised if it would contain hundreds if not thousand items.

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            • Fortunately I’m not a very nostalgic person, prefer to live in the here and now. Loved the 80s … as long as they lasted, loved the 90s, loved the naughties, and even loving this new aera of the whole planet slowly drifting into an age of antihumane, total fascism. Because there is no time like now to be alive and make the best out of it.
              What I wanted to say is that everytime I hear 80s music these days I could eat my breakfast backwards. 😦


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