Remember the Azulle Inspire?

Let me bring you up to speed: It was so far the bestest mini desktop PC I’ve come across and now, some weeks later, my friend Logan of the Tek Syndicate YouTube Channel reviewed that thing too:

AzulleInspireTekSyndicateHeyyy, you’re still looking for a Linux distro tester? Shame on you. But you can be helped, if you just order one of those nifty machines and have it delivered to you right underneath your favourite rock. As Logan so rightfully stated, the Azulle Inspire ain’t one of those typical low power, low price machines but can be a real powerhouse computer if you want. Perfect.

We’ve seen smaller machines, we’ve seen more sexy machines, but we haven’t seen a small machine as reasonable and mature as this one!



    • Oh, you mean this one?
      Yesterday’s news, hun, old and tired. πŸ™‚ No, you’re right since after that story I should’ve stopped with all the SFF and USFF computers. The Asrock does them all. The version I reported on was a bit more expensive and featured a real Nvidia 1060, which brought it out of our price range. The version you linked to brings it right back into the cheap af Linux tester league. Cool. Merci beaucoup. I’m gonna do a bit of reasearch on it now. Oh, LGA 1151? That’s a bit outdated by now, isn’t it?

      And yes, of course does the Azulle feature mobile chips, it’s made to save energy. But still powerful!


    • I am pretty sure building the Asrock mini (Non gpu version) is the cheapest way you can build an actual modern desktop PC with a full desktop chip. I mean 137 bucks for the motherboard, case and power supply…just add the cpu and some So-Dimm Ram and you are done. If you wanted a super cheap linux box, I dont think you could do it cheaper…and don’t forget you don’t even need a core chip, you could use the pentium g4600, which is actually a pretty great budget cpu

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      • Well, my Acer netbook features a Pentium and it doesn’t give me much joy. Once my Linux is up it’s kinda okay but the boot process takes forever on that litle weakling. 😦

        I agree with you on the Asrock topic. The version without gpu loks to be a very cheap way to get above average power for a small budget. Will make a post about it soon.


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