Tom did it Again!

And what a peculiar time he chose to do it. :/

“Doing what?” you might ask, and I’ll answer you … soon … pretty soon … very soon … immediately … RIGHT FUKN NOWNOW!

Tom of the YT channel Switched to Linux made a video (gasp!) and in this video he gives us a rundown of his Top 5 personal bestest Linux distros 2018. Got it now why I thought mid February is a peculiar time to publish year’s best lists?

If I, and probably you to, would make a year’s best list I’d make it at the end of December or in very early January. And I’d make it for the past year. Because only then I can tell how well any candidate on my list performed throughout the whole year. Imagine I’d vote SL as bestest #1 virtual world in 2018 right now … and in a couple weeks they go bust! 😮 It would make me look like a fool, no?

Well, that’s Tom’s prob, not ours. Let’s just take it as it is and agree or disagree with his choices. Watch:

I’ve gotta say he’s made a good choice. Reasonable and well chosen. Nothing fancy but all very respected and well-established distros. Not that any of the runner-ups (Peppermint, Debian, Ubuntu) would make it on my list … but, hey, they are serviceable. What I want you to look at specifically are his top picks for #2 and #1 particularly. Manjaro and Linux Mint must be my most favouritetistest Linux distros in the history of ever as well. And that’s also why I don’t do any Top 5 lists anymore. Mint for you, Manjaro for me, two spots on my list must be enough.

Very well done, Tom, and may I congratulate you on your splendid taste? Just that timing problem of yours … we’ve gotta talk about that.

And congratz me for being me and being proven right. Didn’t I always tell you how brilliant I am? Believe me now? Well, I linked to both distros just a minute ago and you can grab all the goodness directly from the linked sites.

So what are you waiting for?

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for the download to finish, have a pic of twins, separated at birth:

Manjaro and Mint. You decide* who’s who.

* Whichever furball you prefer will be the distro you pick. If you’re a n00b your kat/puppy shall be Mint. If you’re an old salt and want the total awesomeness and spend hours and hours on making the shit run your spirit animal shall be Manjaro.



  1. Aha. A best of 2018 in February? Does he think someone will take him seriously that way? If is lacking ideas for Linux Topic Videos maybe he should look for other topics like “founding a religion on the topic of worshiping sock holes”, “Flamethrower – make you passion an income”, “How to create beautiful fake news of Trump crotcheting napkins so he won’t have cheese sauce on his shirt when eating Nachos” and various others.
    Well I guess my favorite Distro for 2018 (mind the difference) will be Raspbian … even though my husband and I have to fight it out, who gets the hardware for the projects first still 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Silky, come on! Those Raspberry Pis are cheap af, don’t you think you and your hubby can have a dozen of ’em, each?
      And haven’t I heard there are by now some better, faster, clones of the Raspberry available?


      • Sure, we could easily afford more then one. I just don’t want to end up with a bucket full of electro junk 😉 Additionally things revolve around some alternative uses for the TV, so having one Pi that does all the stunts needed, instead of 3 to 4 one trick Ponies, sounds sensible to me 😉
        Yes there are some boards I have seen that sport more internal RAM (2GB instead of 1 for the Pi) which would be nice, but for the rest of the components the Pi is still in the the same league as most other comparable ones. We chose the Pi, as there is the most ready to use stuff , tutorials as well as different special flavors of Distros for various tasks available … looking for the easy first fix … and probably end up with a bucket full electro junk in any case 😉

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        • “bucket full of electro junk”
          That’s one of the reasons why we don’t dabble in shit like that. 😉

          “alternative uses for the TV”
          We gave ours away to the maid, which made her a happy hippo, so her dozen kidz have something to watch and are entertained. And we are happy not to pay the TV license anymore. Win/Win 🙂

          “3 to 4 one trick Ponies”
          But isn’t that the initial ideology behind Linux? Having rugged, specialised tools instead of all-in-one bullshit toys?


          • AH common … Secretly you loooooove electro junk 😉

            Well it hasn’t been used in quite some time to show the actual TV program here either. And that licence topic is basically solved here as well, as long as you have machines that can access the internet … you still still have to pay.

            Might be … But I never went with the Mainstream … I do not believe in a one computer to rule them all myself … that will not work, but putting some vital function into one little efficient brick … thats something I can have fun with 😉

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