Orca Bashes America Again. :o

Only it wasn’t Orca. I found this article on American website Anti-Media.

GermanyWW2See, there is this other country, just for fun let’s call it Deutschland. Deutschland was the badest of all the bad boy countries in the 1930s. Oh, they were sooo fukn EVIL n stuff, it’s hard to believe. Particularly mean they were to the Jews. But that didn’t seem to be of any concern for anybody. We know that nobody liked the Jews at the time and everybody was quite happy for Germany taking care of that problem. Only when Deutschland widened its self-imposed janitorial duty into the sovereign zones of neighbour countries the world slowly woke up to the new threat.

NATOAnyhoo, you know what happened, WWII and all that shit. And Deutschland was – and still is – deeply ashamed for what they done. Not only to the Jews but to Russia and the rest of Europe. And ever since 1945 we’re trying to be really nice guys, good neighbors and harmless little garden dwarfs. We’re probably one of the most peaceful nations ever, and if the US had let us we’d probably done the same as Austria and Switzerland and stayed a neutral country in the following cold war. Of course we were not allowed to live this peacefully, with the USA/NATO putting pressure on us.

GermanFlagAnd nothing any other country did seems to matter in any way. Since 1945 it is as if any western country, allied within NATO structures, can pretty much do whatever they fukn fancy, it’s all ok. Until a couple years ago Deutschland, although NATO member, was able to keep its hands clean, didn’t invade Iraq with all the other yes-men and kept itself out of trouble. That’s different by now with Deutsche troops being busybusy in Afghanistan and a lot of other countries where we have no business to be.

So we see instead of other countries taking Deutschland as a rolemodel in humility, noooo, fuk, they lifted us up to join their bullydom. I even heard Israelis, of all people, asking us why Germany doesn’t show more presence on international battlegrounds. 😮

Maybe because we’re not blinded by American ideology and maybe because we’ve learned from the past. Hmmm, guess we are now tho, and we’ve completely forgotten all the lessons we’ve learend from the past. 😦

I guess most Germans hate to see this.

This lengthy excursion just to explain were I’m coming from. And why I sometimes serve as an aggregator for provocative articles from rogue websites like the Anti-Media.

USAflagAnd I really want you to read this article! It’s contains nothing new, nothing the world doesn’t know since like forever. But some facts might be shocking newness for some of my American readers. I’m not saying you’ve been actively brainwashed, just that your educational system is pretty one-sided.

Anyway, if this article is too much for you here is the TL;DR:

Before bombing North Korea for being a rogue state, having nuclear weapons and being a threat to world peace, and a general nuisance, the USA should take a good close look at herself and her actions.



  1. I live here and I totally get it. While I was born and live here, I do not consider myself an “American”, didn’t Hitler show the people what happens when you are a Nationalist, where you shout and raise your fist and are proud of your “Homeland”. I am not a proud American, I do not see being born randomly on a random lump of dirt as any kind of accomplishment to be “proud” of, it isn’t an accomplishment..it is random. How would America feel if all the countries they occupied with military bases just went ahead and set up bases in America? I mean it only seems fair, we should have Russian and Chinese etc etc Bases in California right? I mean that isn’t a problem or shouldn’t be right?

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    • That’s exactly the reason why I made the unconnected excursion to Germany, Jackie. Hitler and his gang are a perfect example of what can and probably will happen if you become too patriotic, too proud, too superior. My parent’s generation have learned their lesson. Well, mostly; the politicians and powerplayers didn’t learn shit but let the US and UK abuse our brandnew republic as a last frontier to face off the communists. As if there ever was any danger coming from that side. And much to the chagrin of the little people they built a new army and became NATO members. Nobody wanted that! Our own chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, said after the war, any German ever touching a gun again should lose his hand.

      But America had chewing gums and cowboys.

      How quickly they forgot. 😦


        • Wallmart proof of commienism???

          Ugh, really? They have the cheapeest workforce in the world, like ever. And contrary to Chinese and Soviet workers they aren’t even socially insured. And get no gov’ment sponsored bicycles. :/

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  2. I also was born and live in the US but do NOT consider my an American like ladyjacquelin1234. I am actually embarrassed. At one time I was but after growing up and witnessing the performance of the “bigoted, raciest, man-child, warmonger, idiot” that was elected president there isn’t much to have pride in.

    This may seem to be slightly off the topic of the original article mentioned but it is something that explains “logic” of the evangelical Christians who elected Trump and continue to support him. Other in the world may not realize this but most evangelical Christians in the US believe in myths and ignore documented facts if they are inconvenient.

    While they believe in a myriad of myths one myth that is often repeated by evangelical Christians in the US is that the United States was set up as a Christian nation by the founding fathers. THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE!

    John Adams second president of the United States and one of the founding fathers said, “… the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…” If you say that is just the opinion of one man it is inconveniently it is from The Treaty of Tripoli read to and unanimously ratified by the US senate and signed into law on June 7, 1797.

    Some evangelical apologist’s try to muddy the waters by saying this was not in the Arabic version of the treaty or that the treaty was modified a few years later to not include that language. But that it was in what was read to the US Senate and unanimously approved then signed into law.

    I think it also explains why Trump and so many of his supporters in the US State of Alabama endorsed and supported a documented pedophile for election to the senate. For goodness sake the man was throw out of a shopping mall since it was a bit creepy for a man in his thirties to cruise the mall trying to pick up fourteen year old girls. So if the facts don’t support your bigotry just ignore them.

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    • For me Trump isn’t interesting as a target. He’s just a symptom, not the cause of America’s problems. And, same as all the other presidents lately, his power is very restricted. The POTUS is just a pitbull on a tight leash. The public face. The handpuppet and megaphone. I guess I don’t have to spell it out who really has the power in the US, do I?

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      • I agree with the Orca on this one. The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 by some rich bankers with no “nationality” only profit minded, gained total control by 1933. It is not a government branch like so many uninformed Americans believe, it isn’t federal at all. It is 100% private, more so than any other company on earth, it has never been audited and it never will be. It is no more federal than Federal Express..which is NOT the US Post Office. The US Treasury is ENTIRELY seperate from the Federal Reserve, most just have no clue about much.

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