\o/ RAIN! Wonderful RAIN! \o/

Yesterday, and today again, we had thunderstorms which brought rain! It’s hard to photograph falling rain, so please just imagine there are lots of raindrops in  that photo.
Aha, that’s better. See how totally wet our terrace and the plants are? Of course two days of one hour of rainfall each won’t be enough to relieve Cape Town from the looming water crisis. Wasn’t even enough to fill our buckets in the backyard. 😦
But at least the thunderstorm has cleared the air and made temperatures and air pressure a bit more bearable. So the rain was very nice, and then …
… it even started to hail! So fukn cool. \o/

Well, same as yesterday the joyful rain shower lasted not nearly long enough to make any meaningful impression. Our only hope now is that this will happen each and every day from now on. Only then the municipality could push the feared Day Zero a bit further into the future, into an hopefully more wet rainy season.

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