We All IRL


Somehow correct observation, no?

Well, I know what you’re thinking, at least I think I know what you might think. It somehow goes like this: “Fukn Orca gonna tell us now to support our fave Linux distro with some monetary donations. She never got the principle of Free Software, the stupid moo.”

linuxOh yes, I got it, and I even wrote some blogposts about what Free and Open Source Software really means. But you’re correct as well, as you are entitled to download, install and use all GNU/Linuxes without paying anything. There are no tricky licensing contracts to read and agree to, or serial numbers to fill in. That’s why you’re not receiving a bill or need to buy your copy in a store or mailorder it. But it would be nice to show your admiration and gratefulness for this nifty OS with a small donation. Wouldn’t it? You can even direct your money very specifically. Love the Manjaro indies but hatehatehate RedHat billion dollar business? No problem paying the first but not the latter. 😉

wikiWell, just so the coin drops even for the thiccest of yous: Wikipedia is also a free service and works with the same principles of FOSS and GNU/Linux. Both are pretty worthy of our support. Let’s just think for a minute here. How often are you using Wikipedia’s knowledge on average every day? Twice, thrice, four times? More? And is it helpful and makes you and your life a little bit betterer? Yes? Cool. So why not throw some petty pennies in their direction? Or in direction of your favourite Linux distro if you’re so inclined.

OrcaWhat won’t and never will make you a better person and your life wonderfullerer than it already is, would be reading this terrible bloggo. That’s why I publish it on my own astronomical costs, and provide it free* for you!

* Which doesn’t mean I won’t accept expensive gifts and large sums of Lindenmoneys. Let’s face it, I’m a whore.



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