Usually I hate these things. Fuk, don’t even know what one calls them … Personal Voice Assistant? Multimedia Thingy? Artificial Doodad? Smart Speaker! Yes, that’s it. Ugh, you know these things like Google Home, and Echo. Yes, those terrible spying apparatuses you let into your house … and even pay for them.


But here come Mycroft Mark II, a Smart Speaker that won’t spy on you, is Open Source and generally a good guy. Mycroft can do 140 tasks by now, and there are more added to the list all the time. Look this:

See, if you’re so inclined to talk with a stupid AI and find something worthwile to do with such a device, at least be politically correct and go Open Source and fuk Google at the same time. 🙂

Sorry, can’t help you further from here. It will take a loooong time, maybe never gonna happen, until I get me one of those. But if I do, let me assure you it’ll be 100% Free and Open Source and will keep my data to itself.



  1. I do not see the point in any of these things at all to be honest..seems like a total waste of money if you got money to burn, they only annoy me..not as much as the people saying “Alexa..tell me a joke” tho..the joke isn’t funny and the person asking Alexa for crap is more annoying than the thing…complete and utter shiat.

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