Temporary Insanity

“Temporary.” Really?

I mean I’d be 100% behind what Mr. DeNiro said wouldn’t I know that he’s a multimillionaire himself and probably on some Democrat Party mission. He just wants Trump removed for the reason of Trump removal. Just swap one fascist team for the next. Global Warming? Pfff.

Bad times for cracking jokes and making light of what’s going on  in the world. I rest my case. 😦



    • Merci beaucoup, mon ami. But these 3 drops (I counted) are nothing more than 3 drops on a hot stove plate. Since days the air here smells like thunderstorm, is totally destroying my blood circulation, and humidity is through the roof. Half an hour ago the sky was almost 8/8 cloudcovered and we were so sure about getting monsoonish rainfalls.
      But by now the sky is blue again and almost no cloud in sight.

      Summer olé. 😦

      BTW, we got water. Of course we got water! More than enough just down by the beach. There is a rather huge puddle called The Atlantic Ocean. And our fair city has now even installed some desalination plants but that is, exactly like your emoji, just of symbolic value.


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