In between all her technical expertise blogging, SL’s wonderblogger Inara Pey loves to visit cool sims, and report about them. So following her SLurls is never a bad idea. When I readered Inara’s article about Neverfar I knew immediately that this could be a sim for me.

You won’t need to hire a bicycle to get around Neverfar. The area is pretty uneven and natural. So even lazy bishies like Orcsi are better of per pedes.

Naaaw, not really. I consider unconnected sims with no network of Linden Routes and sailable waters not Orca worthy, but some of those sims do just look so nice and give me joy rummaging around, poking my nose in this or that detail and marvel at the pretty builds and landscapes.

I love how they integrated landscaping within the sparse architecture.

Well, Neverfar is such a sim, so join me on a stroll thru town if you like:

This little hut looks kinda cozy. But do I wanna live there? Ugh, not really. :/
Neverfar is a very very small village, still they offer all the amenities needed for a civilized lifestyle.
Even a mailbox. Well, I rather won’t send the manuscript for this blogstory from there if I wanna publish today and not in two years or so.
Neverfar even has its own hotel, although it seems a bit rundown and lacking not only guests but also cleaning services, or furniture. Coming to think about it, I guess I’d rather sleep in my camping mobile. 🙂
I loved this sort outdoors lounge and pub. Sooo cozy. =^.^=
I guess it was a long time ago since any child was riding this roundabout.
The sim owners seem to be huge Cica Ghost fans. Honestly, I love them already for their impeccable taste. 🙂
This quirky sim even features an outdoor disco for the coolest, most eclectic parties.
Stupidly this house was behind a banline. Really?
So much to see and do on Neverfar.
Many of the smaller buildings are badly decayed but the lighthouse does its lightshow like in better times.
This rocky pathway to one of the smaller isles was inhabited by giant goats. They are friendly, no worries.

I poked around on Neverfar for the better part of an hour, despite the sparse architecture there are a lot of things to see and do. Thanks, Inara, for inspiring me.


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