Wee Small Computers FOR YOU!!!

Trust us, we’re professionals. 😉

lennyMhm, yesyes, I know I said it all before and you should know about it. Theoretically … schmeoretically. :/ Yeah, writing about affordable computers for you to test and play with your newfound love for Linux. And all that without even touching your main hardware, your beloved production system, your Windows gaming machine.

Yeah, keep that shit. Who am I to tell you what OS to put on your own personal hardware? If you’re happy with Microsofts’s most beloved daughter, if she’s truly making you happy then, by all means, stand by her!

ThinkPad W700ds Mobile Workstation
Lenny’s ThinkPads are the stuff of legends!

That doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t flirt with Linux! Because, yes, you should! And following Orca’s logic you need a suitable hardware to put your Linux(es) of choice on, dontcha? I you’ve followed this bloggy for a while you know the editrix has a kinda fetish for sff desktop computers. She thinks they are pretty nifty and they save space. What, not enough power? Hey, didn’t I say you must keep your working SL and gaming computer as it is? So, there, you’re sorted. You won’t need the world’s mostest fastest compi just to testride some Linux distros on.

Now off to purchase a nice computer just to install many Linuxes on, one by one, and play around with them. Check if you like the GUI and if the whole system is speedy enough. All that fun stuff. So what are we looking for?

Laptop of course. But not just any old heap of scrap metal but you’re looking for Lenovo ThinkPads! Not just any old Lenny, a ThinkPad it must be. Not that HP doesn’t make some professional grade laptops as well but we dunnae know nothing about them so we stick with the mostest famoustest. Lenovo ThinkPads, ThinkStations and ThinkCentres are the direct continuation of the famous IBM machines of the same model names. By the way, you won’t necessarily need a laptop; if you have keyboard/mouse and a screen, why not go stationary?

The P320 Tiny is newest model, its predecessor should be popping up en masse on Ebay and similar outlets for very nice prices. I’d buy two or three of those, cause you’ll get addicted to that shit … and your gramma also wants one.

What does that mean for you?

You won’t get shit!

You’ll find heaps of them for rather worthwile prices on Ebay, Craigslist, your local paper or maybe even on Amazon. These are machines phased out of office use and replaced by newer models. Those machines ideally have been bought, once installed at a secretary’s desk, only been touched to switch on and apart from that used for light office use. When I bought my last Lenovo mini desktop, the infamous Gaga, there was even a piece of clingfilm still stuck to the case. That thing is spotless!

Not entirely as miniscule but probably even more indestructablerer! And cheap!

Particularly with Lenovo’s IBM branded machines you won’t just get hardware on professional level but you’ll get it for dirt cheap. See, when companies are phasing out their hardware it is already “written off”, they don’t need to create a profit by selling the stuff, they just need to get rid of it so they have room for the incoming new International Business Machines. 😉 This means heaps of fine fine office machines for very worthwile prices. So before you go for something more fancy schmanzy, rather have a look at what you can source locally with the Lenovo ThinkThings moniker on it.

https://tse4.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.Z_kTk3AncJm6fKem2SN2lQHaHa&pid=15.1&P=0&w=300&h=300Nothing wrong with the old machines, they are just written off and about to be replaced. You know what that means for you: Linux olé! Because – and this can’t be over emphasized enough – contrary to Lenovo’s amateur models, these machines aren’t spiked with spyware and bloatware but coming with just the normal UEFI/BIOS and a copy Windows. Or totally empty, which would be ideal. Anyways, nobody’s trying to avoid a Linux install on these computers and put sticks and stones in your way. Installing a Linux distro, by replacing the probably still in place Windows, should be as easy as eating pancakes. And since these things are coming out of office environments there’ll often be a keyboard/mouse combo, or sometimes even a screen, coming with it. GO FOR IT!

Never pay 944 $$$ for a small thing like that. We’re weird, not crazy! In two or three years you’ll get the same nifty computer for literally a butter sandwich. And it’ll give you much joy, particularly with a useful Linux on it!

So, fuk me, in the case of Lenovo you can really have your cake and eat it!

And never pay 746 $$$ neither! It will all come down to your paygrade … and often sooner than you think.


    • Yahahaha! You’re right, DIY is always the better alternative. BUUUT these machines go to 99% into professional use, which means the responsible hardware guys at any office, everywhere in the world, won’t hardly have the time to assemble say 100 to 5000 workstations and install Windows on them. They rely on Lenovo’s good reputation and service. For us amateur housewifes these machines become quite the nifty alternative when we can find them on Ebay or Craigslist or Gumtree, where they are sold off for cheap after being phased out of the aforementioned offices.

      Of course when the time comes to get a new main machine I’m gonna go the self-assembly route again. Having learned a lot from all the mistakes I did with MiniMax the next one is gonna be pretty. 😉


      • Aaaaand that Rosewill case is hardly comparable with the ultra small form factor Lenovo. Imagine a really hi class reception area of a hiclass office, where the computer must be as small and hidden away as possible. You can’t just plop a clunky old box on the glossy, highly polished tropic wooden desk of the photomodel/whore/receptionist who’s “working” there.

        Never forget we’re talking about the former IBM here.



        • Eh you can get a mini ITX case easy enough, they just have shit airflow and shit connectivity, most mini ITX boards only have one fan header. and that particular box uses a mobile processor which is about 20% slower than the real desktop version. I am not a fan of tiny builds that overheat, I would rather get more for less money than gimp my performance to have a small box.

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          • Mini ITX? Much too huge and clunky. We’re talking about computing for sexy whores here! I fit my two small Lennies, plus one full-sized keyboard, into one cubby hole beneath my monitor stand. I won’t say if that makes me a whore, but I wouldn’t be able to fit even one M-ITX case there.


  1. As an electronics geek I cannot just get past the corners that ALL OEMs cut with their pot metal power supplies non standard form factors, the use of the cheapest chinese mosfets and capacitors they can find, if they can cut a nickel in cost from a build and it still work “good enough” to shit out the day after the warranty expires, they are going to and do. I just can’t ever with good conscience say any single one of them makes good machines, even their high end stuff is actually entry level at best.

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    • Ah, Jackie, the P320 has an external power brick! The case itself is much too small to house its own PSU. And contrary to you I lovelovelove laptops. Not as gaming machines or heavy duty desktop replacements but as nifty little travel companions. You know, for stuff like surfing, mailing, blogging, store my photos, all that mom’n’dad computing shite.
      What, it breaks apart after 3 years? Good, nobody wants to keep that shit any longer anyway. Long live short-lived entry level stuff! 🙂 Hooray!


      • You know my super bad little Acer netbook, the OrcNet? It comes apart at the seams, loses keycaps, overheats, refuses to install many of my fave Linux distros (fukn Acer politics). I hate that stupid thing. But I love it sooooo!!! Because it’s small and light and fits in my handbag, no need for my old techno backpack. That thing is like perfect for traveling the world.


        • Well, the world is made up of differences in opinion and what one finds value in. For me, it is about value for the dollar, if I can pay less and get more in terms of both quality and performance I thing a company offering a product that is inferior for an over bloated dollar proposition is anti consumer and I don’t support that in any ideology or value perception.

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