The Next Chance …


… for Hollywood to fuk something up! Fuk up a good and beautiful and entirely Japanese thing:

Yeah, next victim on the barbarian’s list is non other than Battle Angel Alita. But wait, there is something different this time. This live action adaptation of a beloved manga/anime was a long time dream of David Avatar Cameron, who produced this movie directed by Robert Grind House Rodriguez. That puts Alita on on a whole distinct upwards level of that no-name Rupert Sander’s Ghost in the Shell abomination.

So, guys, my hopes are on you. Please, kind sirs, I beg of you to not fuk this one up. Pleeeez …

Are the eyes creeping you out a bit? Yeah, me too. And probably everybody else watching this. And having a Japanese girl played by – not a whitey this time – a Latina actress is still a gaijin, and cultural appropriation. But as I said, this ain’t GitS, so we should expect a bit more artistic integrity and some reasonable explainification, at least for the anime eyes. I mean other than “Cameron had already practiced this effect in Avatar, so Alita is now the final proof of concept”. LØL.

GUNNM - Battle Angel Alita Rusty by elclon

Uncanny valley? Whatever, I’m sooo gonna watch this flick.


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