1. Not me. I look back and think what the hell was I thinking? How did we ever suffer with that? I am a complete and total mesh snob now, especially when it comes to the adulter stuffs in SL, the square boobies, the sharp angled butts and the weird calves and shoulders and stuffs just don’t do it for me anymore…at all. Flexi hair makes me want to hurl, seriously.

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    • What we were thinking? Basically I felt better back then because I knew I could be as pretty as the next professional photo model … without having to spend 5000 L for a silly head. So I had more funds availabe for the good stuff, boats and bikes. And I still looked great, as great as SL allowed me to be. I still think I’m a fine looking young lady.
      And what’s wrong with flexi hair? Haven’t you seen the photo? Nice flexi short hairs by one of the most bestest creators in SL. And that style looks so fukn kyoot on me! So nice and smurfy. 😉
      And with the little time I’m spending inworlds nowadays it’s hard for me to justify spending 5k L on a Bento noggin. 😦


    • Fortunately all the gaming I do is Free Cell and some Tetris clone. I have no idea what AAA is but I guess my favourite games are not AAA. 🙂


        • Come on, let’s stay fair now. All the modern games have optimized content, are not to be fuked with by amateurs, and have much smaller maps than the SL grid. Of course it’s easy to make ’em look good. They often are like those photo wallpapers, nice to look at but you can’t get in. At least that’s what I know but I know nothing.


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